Updated February 8, 2012    
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Fix the Postal Service

Feb. 8, 2012 -- NALC President Fredric Rolando provided a guest commentary piece for the Feb. 7 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, explaining to readers what's wrong with S. 1789, the deeply flawed Senate bill designed to "save" the USPS. "At its core, the current bill blames the Internet and poor management for the Postal Service's financial losses," he wrote. "That's wrong, and the legislation's mandates would do nothing to restore the USPS to profitability. Rather, it is likely to sacrifice quality service and American jobs, and result in a degraded postal service."

<i>St. Louis Post-Dispatch</i>

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The Nation's John Nichols finds one thing wrong with the diagnosis that the Postal Service is broke: "It's wrong." In his Feb. 7 post, Nichols quotes President Rolando, who describes the aim of S. 1789 as "a classic case of 'killing the Post-Office in order to save it.'"

The Nation

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