Updated July 26, 2011    
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Getting out the message

July 27, 2011 -- The NALC Communications Department would like to help you get the NALC's message out to the public. Few things are more central to our job security and our ability to provide top-flight service to the American public than countering the misleading rhetoric about the Postal Service. We need to inform people, and their elected representatives, of the real story.

Your voice and your involvement are key in this. If you read or hear misleading news reports or commentaries that require a response, or if you have an idea for a column or letter to the editor that might interest people, let us know.

We can help work out a strategy to make it happen, and we'll play as big or small a role as you'd like. You know your local media better than anyone, and your initiative in presenting the message at the community and state levels is vitally important in complementing President Rolando's interviews and op-ed pieces from Headquarters.

Call us at 202-662-2850, or e-mail us at Dine@nalc.org -- and together we'll make a difference!

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