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Joint Statement

Sample plan for local implementation of Carrier Alert

I. Purpose

  • The purpose of Carrier Alert is to provide reassurance to participating individuals that a responsible agency will be alerted to check on their well-being when an accumulation of mail might signify the possibility of an accident or illness.

II. Sponsorship

  • Branch ________, National Association of Letter Carriers
  • ________________________________ Post Office
  • ________________________________ Social service agency (United Way, Red Cross, Area Agency on Aging)

III. Division of responsibility

  • Registrant
    • Uses forms supplied by the social service agency to register for Carrier Alert.
    • Promptly notifies the letter carrier if they plan to be away from home and not pick up mail.
  • Social service agency
    • Maintains a roster of registrants.
    • Sends an acknowledgment letter to each registrant.
    • Notifies the post office weekly of the name and address of individuals who register for Carrier Alert.
    • Initiates follow-up action when notified of mail accumulation at a registrant’s home:
      • Telephone registrant.  If no answer,
      • Telephone person listed on the registration form designated as the person to contact in case of emergency.  If no answer,
      • Send a staff person to the registrant’s home or apartment.  If no answer,
      • Contact the police, explain the situation, and ask that the home be entered.
  • Letter carrier
    • Watches for the accumulation of mail in the registrant’s mailbox.
    • Notifies a supervisor or other designated individual of the name and address where a mail accumulation is observed at a Carrier Alert registrant.
    • Affix identifying decals or codes to registrant’s mailbox.
  • Postal supervisor or designated individual
    • Acts as post office contact for social service agency.
    • Notifies social service agency of information provided by letter carriers.

IV. Evaluation

  • An evaluation plan shall be developed locally and used to track the performance and effectiveness of the program.

    If there are any additional questions, please contact the Office of Community Services at NALC, 100 Indiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.  20001-2144, or call 202-393-4695.

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