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Weekly National Snapshots:
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Customer Connect success stories in The Postal Record
Success stories from the Northeast
Customer Connect success stories in the October 2012 Postal Record.
Success stories from Brooklyn and Tampa
Success stories from Houston, New Jersey, San Diego and Alabama.
Customer Connect success stories (August 2012 Postal Record)
Customer Connect success stories (January 2012 Postal Record)
More recent success stories
MA postal community praises Customer Connect program
Vice President Mignosi's September 2011 Postal Record column featuring more Customer Connect success stories.
Recent success stories in Arkansas and Massachusetts
August 2011 -- Vice President Mignosi's Postal Record column, dealing with Customer Connect Lead Card Question No. 5
July 2011 -- California carrier boosts Postal Service revenue; also, Vice President Mignosi shares some Customer Connect success stories
April 2011 -- West Coast carriers increase revenue for the Postal Service (Sparks, NV Br. 2778 and San Francisco Br. 214)
March 2011 -- San Antonio carriers bring in new business for USPS
January 2011 -- Another Illinois office reaches 100 percent participation
July 2010 -- Illinois post office achieves 100 percent participation
June 2010 -- Carrier's lead results in cookie shipments to troops (Hudson Valley Merged, NY Br. 137)
May 2010 -- USPS helps Iowa company improve its financial health
March 2010 -- NALC branch shaking the money-maker (Palatine, IL Br. 4268)
October 2009 -- You never know where a lead will lead (Western Wayne County, MI Br. 218)
September 2009 --  A prescription for new Postal Service revenue (South Florida Br. 1071)
August 2009 -- Carrier scouts out new business (Toledo Br. 100); Comforter zone: USPS bags bedding company revenue (Ft. Lauderdale Br. 2550)
May 2009 -- Carrier shows spirit for Postal Service (Morgantown. WV Br. 783)
April 2009 -- Natural instinct leads to large sale (New York City Br. 36); Carrier shows new way to do business (New Castle, PA Br. 22)
January 2009 -- Carrier sells USPS as a cure for complaints (Westchester Merged, NY Br. 693)
December 2008 -- Carrier's drive nets large lead, area award
August/September 2008 -- Carrier leads way to deal with photo album firm (Hudson Valley Merged, NY Br. 137)
June 2008 -- Recycling lead results in $1 million-plus sale for USPS (Trenton, NJ Br. 380)
March 2008 -- Postal Service hits the books (Columbus Br. 78); Carrier earns his wings (Cuyahoga Falls, OH Br. 1629); When carriers talk, customers listen (Erie, PA Br. 284)
January 2008 -- Once, twice, sold to USPS (Paducah, KY Br. 383); Diamonds are a carrier's best friend (Lehigh Valley, PA Br. 274)
December 2007 -- Checking out the competition (Charleston, WV Br. 531)
October 2007 -- Talking your way to new business (Elyria, OH Br. 196)
September 2007 -- Warming up to USPS (Cuyahoga Falls, OH Br. 1629); Saving customers money, effort (Cleveland Br. 40)
Many more can be found here in the archives of The Postal Record

Customer Connect

Since 2003, letter carriers have used Customer Connect to take advantage of their special relationship with businesses, encouraging business patrons to ship with the U.S. Postal Service instead of with a private delivery service.

Click here to download the Customer Connect lead card.

Million-dollar sales, October 2012 through April 2014

Area District First Name Last Name City State Company Revenue
Capital Metro Capital Theodore Harris Waldorf MD BTP Arms $1,483,690
Eastern South Jersey Michael Williams Newark DE Sonic-Ex, LLC $1,005,800
Eastern South Jersey Kinnon Johnson Newark DE Golden Will Supply $1,000,650
Eastern South Jersey August Ambrosius Wilmington DE International Shipper $1,001,700
Great Lakes Chicago Andres Mendez Niles IL Fibre Craft $1,343,160
Great Lakes Detroit Sandra Mulkey Macomb MI Jma Services $1,200,550
Great Lakes Detroit Karen Lee Monroe MI Pinch Me $3,199,992
Great Lakes Detroit Michael Chevillot Westland MI Heartland America $1,000,000
Great Lakes Lakeland Nathaniel Decena Des Plaines IL Sarpinos Pizzeria $1,229,400
Northeast Long Island Douglas Yadanza Lynbrook NY Lifewatch $1,138,800
Northeast Northern New Jersey John Drexler Totowa NJ Golden Edibles $1,836,471
Northeast Triboro Daniel Randall Brooklyn NY Etsy.Com $4,420,566
Northeast Triboro Daniel Randall Brooklyn NY Etsy.Com $1,000,000
Northeast Triboro Daniel Randall Brooklyn NY Etsy.Com $2,000,000
Northeast Triboro Jack Huang Springfield Gardens NY Brinks Global Services $2,488,120
Northeast Westchester Scott Hamre Orangeburg NY Zagwear $1,820,001
Pacific San Francisco Gil Eliares Brisbane CA Tobi $4,500,000
Southern Arkansas Allen Wright Little Rock AR Cottage Care Corporate Office $1,162,200
Western Arizona Denise Alvarado Tucson AZ West Med $3,000,000

Success stories

Houston Branch 283 letter carrier Paul Smithwick excitedly called his district Customer Connect supervisor late one afternoon, looking for help with a hot lead. No stranger to submitting leads, Smithwick recognized an opportunity when he spoke with the Sun Loans manager about using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). The manager was interested in sending out 10,000 flyers as soon as possible. It took some persistence on Smithwick’s part to get the ball rolling with the district and the inner sales group, but thanks to his tenacity, nearly two weeks later Sun Loans was using EDDM to market its services to the local community, generating $2,100 in new revenue for USPS.
Erie, PA Branch 284 letter carrier Kevin Bayer (r) delivers mail to Laser Eye Surgery in Erie. Bayer noticed that the business was using FedEx to send out a lot of small parcels containing eyeglasses, so he asked the receptionist whether someone from the Postal Service could contact the business about possible money savings through shipping with USPS. The receptionist agreed and was soon contacted by a Postal Service sales representative, who met with Laser Eye Surgery’s shipping manager to present possible solutions to ship eyewear, contacts, etc., using USPS instead of FedEx. Shipping arrangements were made, and now Laser Eye Surgery uses the Postal Service to ship its packages. Bayer’s lead resulted in $52,360 in new revenue for the Postal Service, which adds to a lead of his a few weeks earlier that resulted in $58,140 in new revenue—bringing Bayer’s total to more than $100,000 of revenue for the USPS.
Shopelot.RU is a new business located in Jamaica, NY, that was using DHL Global and TNT LTL for its international shipments weighing up to 21 pounds. Jamaica Branch 562 letter carrier Rontarin David submitted a Customer Connect lead. After several meetings, the right solution found for Shopelot.RU was using USPS partner Globegistics Inc, which would be able to work with Shopelot.RU and provide a far more aggressive rate and the sortation to get the rate the customer was looking for. Postal Service and Globegistics representatives then met with Shopelot.RU, going over the process and making sure Shopelot.RU felt comfortable with Globelogistics’ offerings. As a result of David’s Customer Connect lead, Shopelot.RU committed to ship between 500 and 1,500 packages per week, an agreement that could generate $733,819 of new revenue with USPS for Priority Mail International, along with a signed agreement to tender 100,000 First Class Mail Parcel International packages, worth $330,395. Total yearly revenue for this sale is estimated at $1,064,214.
St. Marys, PA Branch 1500 letter carrier Roger Carlson relates how he got his Customer Connect lead: “Upon returning from my route at the end of the day last May, I noticed a large UPS truck parked at the receiving dock at Elk County Ammo Arms. Since this is my first delivery of the morning, the next day I stopped to ask their sales associate what they were shipping out with UPS. They replied, All kinds of hunting supplies—anything from clothes to hand guns. Unsure what sporting goods the company would be able to ship thru the USPS I brought this info and a contact name to my immediate supervisor, who entered the lead into Customer Connect program.” The supervisor approached Elk County Ammo Arms’ owner about the availability of USPS’ local service and pricing comparisons. “The owner was shocked at what we could bring to the table and wanted more in-depth information,” Carlson said. The local USPS sales representative set up an appointment to showcase USPS services compared with those of other local shippers. Armed with this new information, Carlson and the local postmaster set up an additional meeting and were able to seal a deal amounting to $95,400 in new revenue. And a local pick-up by USPS at the end of the day has eliminated the majority of UPS pickups.
After 15 years on the job and seeing so many faces each day, Pittsburgh Branch 84 letter carrier Cindy O’Connell (l) prides herself as a ‘people person’ who likes to engage others. “I think it is important to say hello to my customers and know their names if I can,” O’Connell said. “I love my job and I like meeting the people I serve.” That familiarity and friendliness helped O’Connell identify a Customer Connect opportunity. “I deliver to Three Rivers Jeep and I noticed that UPS stops there every day, but all I’m taking away are letters from them,” O’Connell said. “We have been hearing a lot about Customer Connect at the office so I thought this was an opportunity to ask if they might like to hear about our shipping services.” O’Connell asked the dealership’s office manager if the carrier could take her contact information back to the office so a USPS sales representative could contact the dealership, and the office manager agreed. USPS representatives learned that Three Rivers Jeep was looking to expand its domestic and international e-commerce presence using cost-effective shipping solutions. The reps recommended that Three Rivers Jeep use priority and regional-rate box services. O’Connell’s lead resulted in new revenue of $129,800, with potential for even more revenue—which just shows how a simple conversation between carrier and customer can open so many doors of opportunity.
While delivering his route, Johnstown, PA Branch 451 letter carrier Ryan Bollman (r) noticed mailings coming and going from UPS to the address of a customer who has an Internet-based business selling active wear and hunting gear through eBay. Bollman approached the customer about the benefits USPS offers to shippers—through eBay, the customer can create and print shipping labels with postage using eBay’s online postage solution, which offers users a wide range of USPS shipping services. Bollman explained that USPS not only offers Click N’ Ship but also could provide the customer with free packaging supplies. A few more meetings helped the customer realize a savings using our Priority Mail for all of his shipping needs, and Bollman’s lead represents $35,995 in new revenue for the Postal Service.

Lakewood, NJ Branch 1089 letter carrier Marc Zimmerman submitted a Customer Connect lead for a home-based company on his route, I Tech Deals. The company ships between 600 and 1000 lightweight items, and the owner was looking to lower his shipping costs. After several discussions, I Tech Deals now ships with USPS both domestically and internationally. The sale was closed for $756,000.

The Los Angeles leadership team requested that each letter carrier in every delivery station submit a quality lead during the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year 2013. East Los Angeles Station was the first station in Los Angeles to achieve that 100-percent carrier participation in Customer Connect. Station Manager Patrice Perkins said that the secret to the station’s success was that “we have an excellent group of dedicated letter carriers, and Branch 24 Shop Steward Lydia Romero-Johnson plays an active, vital role in the Customer Connect Program.” The local postmaster celebrated with the carriers by hosting a luncheon.
Lakewood, NJ Branch 1089 is known for providing both quality and quantity in Customer Connect leads. One such lead submitted by letter carrier Mike Nesler was for Emazing Auctions, which had been using competitors to ship orders received on their three websites. The sale is worth $272,160. Pictured (from l) Branch 1089 President Victor Roselli, Postmaster Balvinder Singh-Minhas, Nesler, and Customer Connect coordinators Marc Zimmerman and George Clearwater.
Mentor, OH Branch 4195 member Robert Sanford (c) reached out to his customer, Q-Sport. The sports equipment company was interested in obtaining information about the U.S. Postal Service to find ways to cut their shipping costs and get delivery quicker than UPS. Q-Sport signed on for a sale worth $270,000.
Wynne, AR Branch 2527 letter carrier Darryl Page noticed FedEx and UPS vehicles at Second Impressions as he was making his regular delivery. Page spoke to the customer about Click-n-Ship and Priority Mail and wound up making a sale worth $7,800.
Brian Laisure of Little Rock, AR Branch 35 found that his customer, 3D Printing, was looking for reasonably priced, reliable shipping. Laisure’s lead resulted in a $75,000 Priority Mail sale.
Jonesboro, AR Branch 1131’s Adam Smith submitted a lead from his Jonesboro Hattie Caraway Station route. The customer, INSO, is an eBay seller and was interested in Click-N-Ship. Smith’s lead was expected to generate $24,000 annually.
OIG Audit Click here to view the OIG's report on letter carrier contributions to Customer Connect.


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