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Additional materials for contract enforcers

Most of these materials are also available on the Contract CD.

NALC Contract Talk
Contract Talk is a regular column in NALC's national magazine, the Postal Record. Created by the Contract Administration Unit, the column gives advice on recent national settlements and selected issues of interest to NALC contract enforcers.

Contract Talk, from NALC Postal Record
2014 2013
January: M-01827 and M-01828 December: MOUs you should know
March: Article 8 equitability test surveys November: Minor route adjustments
April: Determining seniority when CCAs are converted to full-time career status October: CCA uniform allowance rules
May: MOU Re: Full-time Regular Opportunities – City Letter Carrier Craft September: Filling vacancies
June: CCA relative standing August: Article 8 Equitability Test updates
August: Probationary periods July: M-01820—Article 8 Task Force Equitability Test
Sept./Oct.: Mutual exchanges June: IMD Wireless—cell phone attachment
  April: Memorandum of Understanding Re: Part-time Flexible Opportunities
  March: Article 8 and city delivery task forces
  January: Article 30: Local Implementation

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NALC Activist
The NALC Activist is a quarterly local leadership publication intended for shop stewards, branch officers and all local NALC leaders.

NALC Activist
2014: Winter | Spring 2013: Winter | Spring | Summer
2012: Winter | Spring | Summer 2011: Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall
2010: June | March | Fall 2009: November | July | March
2008: March | July | November 2007: March | July | November
2006: Winter | Spring | Fall 2005: Spring
2004: Spring | Summer | Fall 2003: Winter | Spring | Fall
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1998: Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall 1997: Spring | Summer | Fall

CAU White Papers
The contract administration unit occasionally publishes White Papers, in-depth analyses of important contract issues. The White Papers are available below and also included in the Materials Reference System.

  • Overtime, Staffing, and Simultaneous Scheduling — Explains how NALC representatives can challenge the Postal Service's widespread failure to staff facilities sufficiently, a failure that has led to numerous violations of the contractual overtime rules. Management in many places has consistently worked letter carriers beyond the contractual maximums of 12 hours per day and 60 hours per week. In addition, in many facilities the Postal Service has engaged in the “simultaneous scheduling” of overtime for ODL and non-ODL letter carriers. The white paper should help NALC representatives to: (1) prepare challenges to both types of overtime violations, and (2) seek remedies requiring the Postal Service to comply with the contract by staffing its facilities with sufficient letter carriers. It reviews the negotiating history of the Article 8 overtime provisions, and shows the fallacy of the Postal Service's “operational window” defense, which USPS has often offered as justification for its pattern of overtime violations.
  • USERRA Rights — Outlines the rights of letter carriers who join the military or who are called up to active military service. These rights are guaranteed by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994 (USERRA).
  • Policing Article 12 WIthholding — Explains several withholding provisions of Article 12. The paper explains when withholding is justified, when it is a violation of the National Agreement, and how to investigate, document and handle withholding grievances.

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