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    November 18, 2013      

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Cigna HealthCare Open Access Plus (OAP) Network

Your Best Benefit - Your Greatest Savings

We encourage you to use the OAP Network to obtain the Plan's network benefits. The Plan makes a diligent effort to provide members with the most comprehensive and cost effective benefit package and the OAP network will allow our members to get the best value from their health care dollars. You will realize an immediate savings in your out-of-pocket costs when using an OAP provider due to deeper provider discounts. You have a choice of quality providers in a network that has received accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for your medical care.

The Cigna HealthCare OAP Network has a large national presence for network access. Your identification card displays their network logo that will allow you discounts and enhanced savings for 7,667 general acute care hospitals, 17,359 facilities and 2,008,665 specialists and primary care physicians and 145 transplant facilities.

You have great benefits when you choose a network hospital or a network provider:

  • Maternity Benefits for hospitalization, delivery, anesthesia and other services - 100% Benefit!
  • Non-Maternity admissions - 100% Benefit after a $200 copayment per admission!
  • Only $20 copayment - per office, outpatient visit or consultation!
  • Only $20 copayment - for physical, occupational, or speech therapy visit!
  • Anesthesiologist, Surgeon and Other Health Care Professionals services - 85% Benefit!
  • Outpatient hospital - 85% Benefit!
  • LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics covered laboratory services that they perform - 100% Benefit!

You also have access to the Hospital Comparison tool that allows you to compare all hospitals by procedure, the average length of stay, and the average cost. This information allows you to make an informed health care decision.

You can locate an OAP provider or hospital, or verify that your provider participates in the Cigna HealthCare OAP network by calling 1-877-220-NALC (6252) or visiting our Cigna HealthCare OAP Online Provider Directory. If you live in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and need to locate a PPO provider, click here.

Here are some tips you can use while using the OAP directory:

  • When searching for a physician, the type of physician will always default to Family Doctor/Primary Care Physician;
  • If you do not find your doctor listed under Family Doctor/Primary Care Physician, change the physician type to Specialist and search again.
  • There are Search tips to the right of the type of physician. Click there to help you in your search for a doctor.
A provider listed in the directory does not guarantee that they are a covered provider under the terms of the Plan or that their services are covered by the NALC Health Benefit Plan. This is a summary of some of the features of the NALC Health Benefit Plan. For questions regarding covered providers or benefits, contact the NALC Health Benefit Plan or refer to the NALC Health Benefit Plan brochure RI 71-009 for detailed information regarding your benefits. All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations, and exclusions set forth in the official brochure.