Updated May 28, 2014  

MBA Board of Trustees

Lawrence D. Brown, Jr., Chairman  

Randall L. Keller

Mike Gill

Special notices:

NEW! Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) for City Carrier Assistants (CCAs).
Brochure I Application

The Mutual Benefit Association is now licensed to offer life insurance products and maturity income products (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA and Non-Qualified Deferred Annuity) in Florida. For more information, please contact the MBA office.

If you or someone in your family is enjoying the many benefit programs available through the MBA, we would like to use your photo or theirs in our brochures and other publications. Please contact the MBA and let the office know if you’re interested.


Current interest rates
for MBA products

Current rates are set annually by the Board of Trustees and are in effect from Oct. 1 of each year until Sept. 30 of the next year.

Current interest rates,
Oct. 1, 2013–Sept. 30, 2014:

Universal Life*


Interest Sensitive Whole Life*


Deferred Annuities


Flexible Annuities


Life Dividends left on deposit


Newly issued supplemental contracts


Death claim interest on proceeds


* Subject to minimum contractual guarantees


    Updated May 28, 2014  
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  Director of Life Insurance Myra Warren
  Myra Warren, Director

The United States Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association (MBA), founded in 1891, was created for the benefit of National Association of Letter Carriers members and their families. The MBA is the life insurance division of the NALC. Today, the MBA has more than $224 million of life insurance in force on its members.

Insurance plans offered by the MBA are designed to give NALC members and their families the best possible protection for the lowest cost. See MBA Membership Qualifications for details regarding eligibility for purchasing MBA products. 

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