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Retirement Counseling

USPS personnel offices counsel active carriers

Getting Retirement Counseling
For active carriers, the local Postal Service personnel office is no longer responsible for providing individual retirement counseling. You can get information through the Human Resources Shared Services Center by calling 877-477-3273 and selecting option 5. Group sessions are also available at many offices. We encourage letter carriers to attend. Bring your spouse to both individual and group retirement counseling sessions, as both of you will need the information. Contact your local postal personnel office for assistance and information.  

Should you encounter any difficulties obtaining individual retirement counseling, contact the NALC Retirement Department at National Headquarters.

Annuity Estimates
The Postal Service has implemented the National Retirement Counseling System to ensure that all employees who become eligible for retirement are provided with in-depth information and counseling to make informed decisions to prepare for retirement. A computer-generated report called the annuity estimate is mailed twice each year to the home address of those employees currently eligible for retirement. Employees who are within 3 years of retirement eligibility may request annuity estimates by contacting their personnel office. The Postal Service has an excellent CSRS Retirement Guide. Ask them for Handbook EL-502.

NALC Resources
The NALC Retirement Department provides monthly charts showing annuity estimates under both CSRS and FERS.

The department also publishes a leaflet entitled "Preparing for Retirement," and Q & A booklets on retirement matters for CSRS and FERS. See NALC Publications

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