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  Joint Plan to Notify USPS Employees Working on the Street or Out of the Office About Emergency Situations
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USPS: Basic Emergency Notification Plan for Off-Site Employees - 7/13/04

NALC Director of Safety & Health Manny Peralta advises members that the Postal Service has developed a basic Emergency Notification Plan for Off-Site Employees. The plan provides guidance for post offices and postal facilities in establishing basic notification procedures to contact postal employees working on the street or out of the office in the event of a local or national emergency.

Hellman points out that this "notification tree" or "buddy-system" plan was developed with the assistance of the NALC, NRLCA and APWU. It describes one alternative that postal facilities can use to notifying employees of emergency situations. These procedures can also serve as a backup plan in case other communication methods such as telephones, pagers, electronic communications, etc. are not available or not functioning.

"Remember," Hellman reminds letter carriers, "it is knowledge, awareness and an understanding of both the local area where you deliver the mail and the current postal and public emergency procedures that will make it possible to act effectively in a crisis situation."


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