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NALC Constitution
A PDF of the entire Constitution, as amended through the most recent NALC convention. Click here to download.
The union is "U!"

A brotherhood and sisterhood of solidarity

NALC is proud of its long tradition of service to the men and women who deliver the nation's mail. From its earliest years, the NALC pioneered programs for mutual support and welfare to complement its struggles for improved working conditions.

The union established the Mutual Benefit Association at its 1891 convention to offer life and other kinds of insurance to help protect letter carriers and their families. The National Sick Benefit Association was created at the 1905 convention to provide income to carriers unable to work due to accident or illness. The NALC Health Benefit Plan began offering hospitalization, surgical and other health care insurance to members in 1950.

The services of union institutions and programs supplement the everyday kindnesses NALC members deliver to one another in times of trouble. They are one more way the letter carriers of the NALC prove we stand tallest when we stand together.

New members: By joining the NALC, you have taken the first and most important step toward protecting your job and securing the future of letter carriers and the United States Postal Service. Start here to find information to help you learn more about your union and your rights and benefits as a city letter carrier.
union Plus Union Plus benefits — NALC members can take advantage of a long list of money-saving Union Plus benefits, including home mortgages.
Cap NALC Products — A convenient online catalog and order form for buying hats, shirts, watches and more from the NALC Insignia Collection.
Nalcrest Nalcrest — NALC's retirement community
scholarships Scholarships available to children of NALC members: William C. Doherty Scholarships, John T. Donelon Scholarship, Costas G. Lemonopoulos Scholarship, Union Plus Scholarships
PERF Postal Employees' Relief Fund — To aid postal employees who are victims of natural disasters
Line of Duty Killed in the Line of Duty: Application form to have members who were killed in the line of duty memorialized on a plaque at NALC headquarters.
NLC College degree program — The National Labor College of the George Meany Center for Labor Studies offers local union leaders the opportunity to pursue a degree while continuing to work.
Hit Home Hit Home is an opportunity for NALC members across the country to make the American dream of homeownership an affordable reality. Benefits include savings at closing, payment options that can save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan and free homebuyer education and credit counseling.
MPAA Legal movie and TV show downloads — The Internet is full of sources to download media, but how do you know which ones are legal and pay these workers their due? Now there’s a way to find out.
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