CCAs—check your pay stubs!

If you’re a city carrier assistant (CCA) who recently returned from your five-day break between appointments, check your pay stub to be sure you are being paid correctly. There have been instances reported where the CCA hourly rate was incorrectly reduced from $16.25 to $15.00. Pursuant to the Jan. 10 Das arbitration award, CCAs who were on the rolls as temporary employees as of Jan. 10 shall be paid at Step AA of Table 2, which is the higher hourly rate of the two steps for CCAs. Below are both the current hourly rates and the new ones effective Nov. 16:

Initial CCA Grade BB AA
1 $15.00 $16.25
2 $15.32 $16.59
CCA Grade as of Nov. 16 BB AA
1 $15.30 $16.58
2 $15.63 $16.92

Also, check the new re-appointment letter you receive in the mail from Shared Services, PS Form 50, Notice of Personnel Action, item number 62, “Base Salary,” to be sure your hourly rate is correct.

If you are being paid incorrectly, contact USPS Shared Services at 877-477-3273, Option 5, to advise them that you are being paid incorrectly. Also, discuss it with your NALC shop steward or local branch officer and local management.

    Updated November 22, 2013    
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By joining your union, you have taken the first and most important step toward protecting your job and securing the future of letter carriers and the United States Postal Service. Below you will find information to help you learn more about your union and your rights and benefits as a city letter carrier.

Structure of the NALC and how it works for you
The NALC’s structure is designed to provide the best possible representation and support for its members. More information is available here.

The grievance procedure
The grievance procedure is how your contractual rights are enforced.

The National Agreement (PDF)
The National Agreement is NALC’s collective bargaining agreement with the Postal Service. A copy is mailed to all new members.

CCA Rights and Benefits
Newly hired career-track City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) who have questions about pay, workload, relative standing and more should download the free NALC City Carrier Assistant Rights & Benefits booklet. This 12-page PDF also discusses uniforms, annual and sick leave, rights under the NALC-USPS National Agreement, health insurance, opting and hold-downs, and the various contract memorandums of understanding (MOUs) that deal specifically with CCAs. Click here to download the booklet (PDF).

National Agreement Q-and-A’s for CCAs
This jointly-developed document provides the updated mutual understanding of the national parties on issues related to the 2011 NALC-USPS National Agreement. Section 1 concerns city carrier assistants (CCAs). Section 2 addresses other contractual provisions. New questions and responses are identified by underscoring. For more information, click here.

CCA Uniforms
M-01822 provides details on the annual uniform allowance for CCA employees. This document provides information on the procedures, instructions and a sample letter from the USPS to authorized uniform vendors. For advice on what uniform items to order and other information, click here.

CCAs converted to full-time career status
Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Residual Vacancies—City Letter Carrier Craft (M-01824), the first wave of city carrier assistant (CCA) conversions to full-time career status took place Nov. 2. Click here to find out more.

MOU for filling residual vacancies
On Aug. 30, NALC President Fredric Rolando signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Re: Residual Vacancies—City Letter Carrier Craft, M-01824. The MOU puts in place a procedure for filling residual vacancies that includes assignment of unassigned regulars, conversion to regular of part-time flexibles (PTFs), transfers, and city carrier assistant (CCA) conversions to full-time regular career status. To read more about the procedure, see the October City Delivery article from The Postal Record.

List of vacancies available for transfer under M-01824: The updated list of vacancies available for transfer opportunities as posted in eReassign is available here. The list will be updated and posted here as the Postal Service provides it to NALC. Transfer requests from career employees will be accepted through eReassign following the procedure in the MOU. For assistance with eReassign click here, or contact your shop steward, branch president or national business agent’s office. To find your national business agent’s office, click here.

MOU on CCA staffing
In a memorandum of understanding (M-01826) dated Oct. 22 regarding city carrier assistant (CCA) staffing, the NALC and the Postal Service agreed that city carrier assistants who served as city carrier temporary employees (TEs) directly before their initial CCA appointment will not serve a probationary period when converted to full-time career status during the term of the MOU. Click here to read more.

Quick facts about the NALC
General information about the NALC.

Membership cards
The NALC official membership card bears the union’s seal and certifies NALC membership. It shows the member’s branch number along with the branch’s city and state, and it is signed by the national president and secretary-treasurer, as well as the branch secretary. Membership cards are available from your branch secretary.

History of the NALC
NALC has a long and storied history. A more detailed account is available here.

NALC Constitution
This document governs the NALC. A copy is mailed to all new members.

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