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Region 1 (San Francisco)

13252 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite 108
Garden Grove, CA 92843-2204

Serving letter carriers in California, Hawaii,
Nevada and the territory of Guam

Christopher Jackson, National Business Agent

Christopher Jackson originally began his career with the U.S. Postal Service as an LSM clerk in 1981. He became a letter carrier in 1982 in Downey, CA, later transferring to Riverside where, under the guidance of Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100 officer Manuel L. Peralta Jr. (then a full-time officer), the inception of his career defending letter carriers took place, when he became a shop steward in the Riverside Rubidoux Station.

“I would like to personally thank Manuel L. Peralta Jr. for the everlasting impression he left on me during the shop steward training class, when he said, ‘Always remember we are here to represent letter carriers and to enforce the National Agreement, which our national officers have bargained for us.’”

Jackson’s representative role for the NALC dates back over several decades, having served under the direct guidance and leadership of letter carrier activists such as Jordan Brown, Art Turner and Charlie Miller. Jackson’s high-level skill sets and expertise helped further his career, allowing him to serve as an NALC Joint Route Inspection Team co-leader from 1993 through 2000 for San Diego District North, where he concurrently served on the Employee Involvement Local Joint Steering Committee and as the NALC’s DPS coordinator. At the same time, he was also an area steward, through 2001.

His being well versed in contract language led him into arbitration advocacy by 1999. By the close of 2001, he was serving Branch 1100 as a full-time officer, holding the office of vice president through 2005. At that time, he was appointed to the position of regional administrative assistant for San Francisco Region 1, until his election a national business agent for Region 1 by acclamation at the National Convention in Anaheim in 2010.

Jackson, having received both Intervention and OWCP training after his acceptance of the RAA position, has held instrumental roles during eras of change for the Postal Service, including direct oversight of the various route inspection processes, where he served as NALC regional team leader for Region 1.

Speaking to adaptation to the changing climate of the USPS and NALC, Jackson said, “I believe we have the tools and guidance through leadership, not only to recover ourselves from economic woes, but to expand on tomorrow’s horizon.”

“We, as leaders of the NALC, must continue to bring in new talents to teach and educate them,” he said, “to represent all letter carriers, to enforce the National Agreement and to be ready to step in as leaders of this great union.”

Jackson is the proud father of two Cal State Fresno students—Krystina and Emmanuel.

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