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Region 10 (Dallas)

23760 Highway 59 North
Kingwood, TX 77339

Serving letter carriers in New Mexico and Texas

Kathy Baldwin, National Business Agent

Kathy Baldwin serves as the national business agent for the letter carriers of Dallas Region 10, which serves both Texas and New Mexico. She was appointed NBA in 2009 to fill a vacancy, and was elected to that post by acclamation at the 2010 Anaheim Convention.

Soon after becoming a letter carrier and joining the NALC, Baldwin, a member of Beaumont, Texas Branch 842, served both as the branch's secretary from 1985 to 1990, and also as a shop steward for the last three of those years.

"My fellow letter carriers, Branch 842 officers and (former regional administrative assistant) Pete Goodman all encouraged me to get more involved," Baldwin said, "after I saw managers getting away with mistreating carriers and violating their rights (and mine) under the collective bargaining agreement."

In 1990, Baldwin was elected branch president, a position she held until her appointment as a Region 10 RAA in 1999. Throughout the early '90s, she was a co-chair of both the Employee Involvement Local Joint Steering Committee and the Local Joint Route Adjustment Task Force. Between 1994 and 1999, she also served as a Region 10 local business agent and an arbitration advocate.

A fervent supporter of the Letter Carriers National Food Drive, Baldwin was the Branch 842 coordinator from the drive's inaugural year through 1998. She has also attended every state and national convention as a delegate since 1985.

"My first national convention in 1986—and each one thereafter—inspired me to give back to the NALC by advocating for carriers' rights and recognizing their contributions to their communities every chance I got," she said.

Baldwin also drew inspiration from the sight of "the solidarity, passion, fraternity and dedication of thousands of delegates from across the nation, as well as that of our national officers," she said.

As Region 10's NBA, Baldwin hopes to continue educating carriers on the need to organize and the importance of investing in their future through legislative activism and COLCPE, "to get the membership more involved in their union because the NALC-through the membership-has done so much to better the welfare of letter carriers," she said.

Other goals include providing training to members and supporting branch officials, "so they'll be better prepared to deal with the challenges we're facing, both now and in the future," Baldwin said.

"I'll try my best to improve letter carriers' working conditions and to persuade managers at every level," she said, "that managing by intimidation, discipline, and bullying not only doesn't work, but generally makes them as miserable as the recipients of this kind of treatment."

Baldwin, who studied liberal arts at Beaumont's Lamar University, is the mother of two adult sons, Chris and Jesse, and of four grandchildren: Gabi, Jason, Clint and William.

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