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  Region 14 NBA John J. Casciano
Region 14 (New England)

1208A V.F.W. Parkway, Suite 201
W. Roxbury, MA 02132


Serving letter carriers in Connecticut, Maine,
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

John J. Casciano, National Business Agent

First elected as national business agent for New England Region 14 in 1998, John Casciano was re-elected in 2002 and 2006 by acclamation, and again in 2010 following balloting held among his region’s active and retired members.

Casciano emphasizes the need for direct and frequent communication with the letter carriers he represents in these "very challenging times." He accomplishes this with a monthly newsletter sent to every shop steward and branch president in New England and with a regional website at casciano.com. "And I thoroughly enjoy my many workroom visits with fellow letter carriers," he adds.

Casciano began his postal career as a clerk in Boston in 1980, switching to the carrier craft in 1982, when he became a member of Branch 34. He served as shop steward for 10 years beginning in 1984 and filed grievances on numerous issues. He was elected area steward in 1989, became a local business agent in 1990, and then served as Branch 34 vice president until his election as Region 14 NBA. At the branch level, he also served as a grievance Step 2 representative, route inspection representative, and was an advocate in over 100 arbitrations.

"I come from a long line of union members who recognized that unions built this country, fought its wars and made a middle class possible," Casciano said. "I'm proud of the fact that, in my entire family, all are members of labor unions."

Recognizing that the Postal Service is in a period of transition and change, Casciano strongly encourages all NALC members to "keep their eyes on the prize" by becoming active within their branches, enrolling in the e-Activist Network, and donating generously to COLCPE and voting to elect those whose views represent working Americans.

Educated in Boston’s Catholic school system, Casciano has also studied coursed at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies near Washington. "A well trained rank and file is the best defense against any of management's mischief," he noted. To that end, he plans to continue ensuring that members are informed and educated.

Casciano is confident as he looks ahead. "Together we must attempt to explore new methods to protect the interests of the Postal Service from attacks, guard our working carriers from overzealous supervisors and reduce the inherent daily confrontations and disagreements on the workroom floor, and find new, groundbreaking ways to allow letter carriers to do what they do best, carry this nation's mail."

Casciano and his wife, Kathy, have two grown children, both proud union members—a daughter, Jessica, who is a member of the APWU, and a son, John Jr., an IBEW member.

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