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Region 3 (Chicago)

3171 Greenhead Drive, Suite C
Springfield, IL 62711

Serving letter carriers in Illinois

Neal Tisdale, National Business Agent

Neal Tisdale was elected to a third four-year term as Chicago Region 3 national business agent in 2010 following balloting among his region’s active and retired members.

In July 2002, President Vincent R. Sombrotto appointed Tisdale Region 3 NBA to fill a vacancy. A few weeks later, the 2002 Philadelphia Convention affirmed that appointment when Tisdale was elected to the position by acclamation.

Tisdale began his postal career in March 1978 as a carrier in Havana, Illinois. A year later, motivated, he said, by “the mistreatment of letter carriers and the total disregard by management of the labor agreement,” he became a shop steward, a role he held until he transferred to Springfield, Illinois Branch 80 in 1986.

In 1987, he served a year as Branch 80’s financial secretary, followed by four years as branch vice president. In 1991, Tisdale became a local business agent, and a year later, he began a concurrent stint as the Springfield branch’s chief steward. He became a part-time RAA for Region 3 in 1994 and was named a full-time RAA in 1998.

There have been many changes over the past three decades, Tisdale notes, but the union must remain prepared as the pace and impact of change accelerates. “We as letter carriers are dealing with ongoing changes in the communications field daily, and are constantly adapting to these changes,” he said. “I feel that we as a union need to position ourselves to make these future changes the least disruptive as possible for letter carriers.”

Tisdale’s other goals include continuing to fight to protect letter carrier jobs and to provide a better work environment.

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