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Region 6 (K-I-M)

43456 Mound Road, Suite 501
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Serving letter carriers in Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan

Patrick C. Carroll, National Business Agent

"If you don't exercise your rights," says Region 6 National Business Agent Pat Carroll, "you will surely lose them." And with more than 30 years of leadership experience in the NALC, Carroll has certainly given his rights as a career letter carrier and union member an effective workout.

Carroll was re-elected Kentucky-Indiana-Michigan (K-I-M) Region 6 NBA by acclamation at the 2010 Anaheim Convention. The member of South Macomb, Michigan Branch 4374 had been appointed to fill that position when it came open in January 2005, with the office becoming the latest in a long line of leadership roles the letter carrier has held in his 30-plus years of postal employment.

"I saw the way management mistreated letter carriers, and I felt I would do whatever I could to stop abusive managers," Carroll said, explaining why he pursued branch and eventually national union office. "I saw how hard we letter carriers work, and how management failed to recognize and appreciate our efforts."

NBA Carroll held a number of elected and appointed positions in Branch 4374, including steward, chief steward, sergeant-at-arms, editor and treasurer, before beginning a 10-year run as branch secretary in 1981. He was also an arbitration advocate and was active on many fronts, including legislation, intervention and dispute resolution. For six years, he served as an executive board trustee for the Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers. In 1991 he was elected branch president, an office he held until his 2002 appointment as Region 6 regional administrative assistant. He also serves as a co-chair for national and area safety committees.

Carroll has two primary goals in serving the letter carriers of the K-I-M Region. "The first is to stop abusive managers and make the workplace a safe and harmonious place without threats and intimidation by management," he said. "The second goal is to provide education and training to branch leaders and members to make them more aware of their rights."

Carroll attended Eastern Michigan University and Lawrence Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Grace, have a daughter, Lisa, and a son, Christopher.

Troy Clark, Central Kentucky Br. 361
Jeff Fultz, South Central Indiana Br. 828

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