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Region 7 (Minneapolis)

Broadway Place West
1300 Godward Street NE, Suite 2600
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Serving letter carriers in Minnesota,
North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Chris Wittenburg, National Business Agent

Chris Wittenburg is the national business agent for Minneapolis Region 7, which serves the letter carriers of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In 2009, President William H. Young appointed Wittenburg NBA to fill a vacancy. He was elected to that post by the 2010 Anaheim Convention.

Wittenburg says he became an activist with St. Paul Branch 28 because he wanted his fellow letter carriers to work in a safe and fair work environment.

"As a steward, I could help uphold that right by holding management accountable," he said. "As time went on, I became more interested in what unions stood for and began to volunteer and run for many positions in my branch."

Wittenburg served as a shop steward from 1990 to 2002. He has also been his branch's sergeant-at-arms as well as its social and entertainment chair.

In 2002, he was elected branch vice president, an office he held until 2006, when President Young appointed him as a regional administrative assistant for Region 7.

Now Region 7's NBA, Wittenburg says communication plays a vital role in his office.

"It is the responsibility of the regional office to work with the USPS area and district levels, and also with the local branches-not only in a support role for the branches, but also in a proactive contract enforcement role," he said. "As the USPS evolves, letter carriers must be prepared for changes and be prepared for the challenges that we face."

Wittenburg and his wife, Linda, have two adult children, Jillian and Daniel.

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