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Region 8 (Memphis)

160 Commissioner Drive
Meridianville, AL 35759


Serving letter carriers in Alabama, Louisiana,
Mississippi and Tennessee

Pete Moss, National Business Agent

Pete Moss was elected the national business agent for Memphis Region 8 by acclamation at the 2010 NALC Convention in Anaheim.

In 1984, Moss became both a letter carrier and a member of Gulf Coast Merged Branch 1374, headquartered in Gulfport, Mississippi. It wasn’t long before he became active in branch leadership—that same year, he was elected branch secretary, a post he held for two years.

The 150-members of Branch 1374 recognized Moss’ leadership qualities, first electing him branch president in 1986. He served in that office for 16 years, through 2002.

For the last six of his years as branch president, Moss also held the office of president of the Mississippi State Association of Letter Carriers.

In 2002, Moss was appointed regional administrative assistant for Region 8. Three years later, the entire Gulf Region bore the brunt of historically devastating Hurricane Katrina in the fall of 2005. Moss was among regional and local leaders dedicated to helping restore order to the area wrecked by the storm’s force, helping to locate and assist letter carriers who were displaced in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Moss also worked diligently to grieve “Act of God” route adjustment violations and investigate post-Katrina mail route conditions in every station affected by the storm—an already difficult task complicated by the reality that the affected area sits in two separate Postal Service areas—Louisiana in the Southwest Area, Mississippi in the Southeast.

Moss is the father of two adult daughters, Meghan Leigh and Kristen Sydney.

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