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Region 9 (Atlanta)

5201 Ravenswood Rd., Suite 119/120
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6007


Serving letter carriers in Florida, Georgia,
North Carolina and South Carolina

Judith R. (Judy) Willoughby,
National Business Agent

Judy Willoughby, a member of Tallahassee, Florida Branch 1172, was elected Atlanta Region 9 national business agent by acclamation at the 2006 Las Vegas Convention and again at the 2010 Anaheim Conventions. She holds the distinction of becoming the NALC’s first female NBA in April 2004, when President William H. Young appointed her to the position to fill a vacancy created by retirement.

Willoughby began her postal career in 1980 and served as a shop steward for St. Petersburg Branch 1477 before transferring to Tallahassee in 1983. She soon became deeply involved in the 200-member Tallahassee branch, working her way up the leadership ladder, serving as steward, trustee, vice president and president. She also was a member of the Florida State Association executive board as District 5 chairperson and the associations director of education.

Willoughby served in several appointed NALC positions in the North Florida District, including as an Employee Involvement facilitator, as a member of the local joint steering committee, on the joint route inspection team, and as Delivery Point Sequence coordinator. In addition, she was an arbitration advocate and local business agent for many years. She was serving as a regional administrative assistant for Region 9 when she was tapped to become that region’s NBA.

Willoughby got involved in the union because “I saw management routinely violate the contract and abuse letter carriers,” she says. “I felt the only way to stop management was to become educated and develop the skills to help all letter carriers and protect the collective bargaining agreement the union had fought so hard to achieve.”

“The future of the NALC and Region 9 relies on the leadership at all levels. One of my major goals is to continue our education within the region. In addition, letter carriers must have a safe working environment and one that is free of harassment, intimidation and bullying. The three regional administrative assistants and I work tirelessly to accomplish all of this with assistance from local officers and stewards.

“However, we cannot forget our battles on a different front. It is important for all members to understand and contribute to our legislative and political action to keep the USPS viable in the future while protecting our interests and jobs.”

An Army veteran, Willoughby holds two associate’s degrees from St. Petersburg Junior College and also attended the University of South Florida. She and her husband Ken are the parents of an adult son, Jeff.

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