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  No. 04-17  August 6, 2004       
  Locally Agreed Methods
To be Used for Inspection
And Adjustment of Routes
  Traditional Process Generally Restricted
While Efforts Continue for New System
  Minor Route Adjustments Also Prohibited
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The NALC and USPS on August 4 reached agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding that blocks continued use of traditional inspection and evaluation methods for route adjustments, instead encouraging local union and management officials to agree on their own method and the local data used.

The agreement is an outgrowth of the Memorandum last April that froze route inspections while a National Task Force examined the issue, and the subsequent approval by delegates at the NALC Convention for NALC to continue pursuing a new system for route adjustments.

NALC President William H. Young said that immediately after returning from the National Convention he began discussing with USPS headquarters a method to halt the traditional route inspections which have produced acrimony and distrust between letter carriers and management.

"I believe that working together jointly at the local level gives us the best opportunity to arrive at fair adjustment of routes until the national parties can develop and test a process to replace the current outmoded system," Young said.

Under the August 4 Memorandum, local parties may jointly evaluate and adjust routes utilizing locally available data and any agreed upon method.

No other routes are to be evaluated and adjusted using the traditional route inspection process in the M-39 as long as the August 4 memorandum remains in effect.

The only exceptions are special route inspection requests pursuant to Section 271 of the M-39 handbook including those special counts that were suspended under the previous memo and those suspended inspections and adjustments that were to be conducted pursuant to a grievance-arbitration decision.

Young emphasized that the agreement with management not only prohibits traditional route inspections, except for the aforementioned circumstances, but also prohibits the Postal Service from making minor route adjustments under provisions of the M-39 while the Memorandum is in effect.


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  Elements of Route Inspection MOU

In addition to the formal Memorandum of Understanding, the NALC and USPS issued a joint letter outlining the essential elements of the parties' agreement. The letter, signed by NALC President William H. Young and USPS Chief Operating Officer Patrick R. Donahoe, was sent to all USPS Vice Presidents, Area Operations; Manager, Capital Metro Operations, and District Managers, as well as all NALC National Business Agents.

It cited the following elements:

During the period covered by the MOU, the local parties may agree on a method for evaluating routes using locally available data and based on that agreement adjustments will be made.

Jointly signed copies of locally developed methodologies must be forwarded to NALC President William H. Young and Acting Vice President, Delivery and Retail William P. Galligan. As adjustments are made to delivery units, the impact in those units will be recorded on a jointly developed form to be provided by the national parties.

Beginning September 1, 2004, special route inspection activity required under the criteria of Handbook M-39 Section 271, and route inspection activity required by grievance settlements and/or arbitration awards that were suspended from April 1 to August 31, 2004, may be conducted using the traditional route inspection process.

During the period covered by the MOU, routes meeting the criteria of Handbook M-39 Section 271 will be evaluated using the traditional methodology outlined in Chapter 2 of Handbook M-39. During this period, no other routes are to be evaluated and adjusted using the traditional methodology of Chapter 2 of Handbook M-39.

Either party at the national level may terminate this agreement with fourteen days notice to the other party. If this occurs, those local parties who have agreed to a methodology to evaluate and adjust routes will continue that agreement through FY2005; those who have no agreement will use current applicable handbooks and manuals to evaluate and adjust routes.

"We ask you all to work together and take full advantage of this opportunity to explore options for route evaluation and adjustment methodologies that increase our delivery efficiency and provide a creative and meaningful city letter carrier work experience," the letter by Young and Donahoe concluded.


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  Three Seminars Scheduled
For Secretary-Treasurers
  Sessions in Washington, St. Louis and Hollywood

Secretary-Treasurer Jane E. Broendel has announced that the union will offer this fall three sessions of an updated educational program for Branch Secretary-Treasurers and other local and state officers chiefly responsible for financial administration in NALC branches.

The sessions, and accompanying materials, are designed to assist branch and state officers in managing the "business" side of their local union organization. The sessions are intended primarily for branch secretary-treasurers, but branch presidents or other branch and state officers involved in financial administration are also invited to participate, as space allows.

"Taking care of branch business can be a complicated task, requiring several officers to contribute their time, energy and expertise," Broendel said. "It is also a job that must be done correctly at all times, not only because federal laws require it, but also because the members of our democratic union deserve no less."

The training sessions will cover all of the basics for

Taxes, including payroll withholding requirements plus Forms 990 and 990-T

Accounting systems and maintenance of proper controls

Reporting to the U.S. Department of Labor

Fiduciary duties under the Landrum-Griffin Act

Bonding of branch officers

NALC dues

Legal limits on certain types of union spending

IRS reporting requirements

The sessions, limited to 150 participants each, will be held:

September 26-27:   Washington Court Hotel, 525 New Jersey Ave., NW, Washington, DC.
(800) 321-3010
Deadline for reserving the special NALC room rate of $149 per night, single/double, is September 8.
October 17-18:   Radisson Hotel & Suites, 200 N. Fourth St., St. Louis, MO
(800) 925-1395
Special NALC room rate of $95 per night single/double, must be reserved by September 30.
November 7-8:   Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, 1755 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028
(800) Hotels1 or (323) 856-1200.
Special NALC room rate of $149 per night, single/double, must be reserved by November 1.

Each session will begin at 8 a.m. on Sunday and will conclude at 12 noon on Monday. Branches will be responsible for transportation and lodging. Rooms at each hotel have been blocked for Saturday and Sunday nights.

Hotel reservations must be made directly with the hotel. Make sure to mention you want the special room rate for the NALC Secretary-Treasurer Seminar.

To register, fill out and immediately return the form below to NALC Headquarters.

Note the dates by which the registration form must be received at NALC Headquarters.

Sessions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants will be contacted if a class is already full.


Secretary-Treasurer Seminar Registration Form

Register me for the NALC Secretary-Treasurer Seminar
checked ( ) below:

  September 26-27, Washington, DC. (Workshop Registration deadline September 8)
  October 17-18, St. Louis, MO (Workshop Registration deadline September 27)
  November 7-8, Hollywood, CA (Workshop Registration deadline October 15)
Branch or State Position
Branch #   Branch City State  
Your Mailing Address  
City   State   Zip  
Return to:
Secretary-Treasurer Jane E. Broendel
National Association of Letter Carriers
100 Indiana Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 2001-2144



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  Name Chicago P.O. for Worsham

Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-IL) announced August 3 that the Congress had passed and sent to the White House legislation (H.R. 3340) to redesignate a post office and annex in the South Side of Chicago after former NALC Director of Retired Members and Chicago Branch 11 President James E. Worsham.

"James Worsham exemplifies the heart and spirit of today's American worker," Rush said. "His leadership, work ethic and respect he commands from his peers makes him truly deserving of this honor."

The facility at 7715 S. Cottage Avenue would be known as the James E. Worsham Post Office and the facility at 7748 S. Cottage Avenue would be the James E. Worsham Carrier Annex, under terms of the bill.


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