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National biennial conventions

NALC's national convention is the union's supreme governing body. The convention meets every two years and elected delegates from every branch across the country are eligible to attend.

At the convention, delegates elected by their local branch consider constitutional amendments, discuss key issues in standing committees, and set national policy for NALC. Delegates also have the opportunity to attend many educational breakfast meetings, workshops, and seminars that are run every day before and after the daily general business sessions. In addition, delegates to every other convention nominate national officers for election.


Ever since its founding meeting held in Milwaukee during late August of 1889, NALC members have met in national convention to set the policy and direction of the national union, to discuss political measures that affect letter carriers and their families and to find solutions for problems they face during the course of their working day.

Annual conventions were held every year from 1889 until 1903. Then the union started holding biennial conventions which have continued to the present day, with the exception of skipping one year during World War II. To see a list of the previous conventions, go to the Past National Conventions page.

The 1996 Orlando convention gave the NALC Executive Council the power to select convention sites but to continue the system set out in the NALC Constitution of choosing cities on a rotating regional basis. The idea is to give the union greater leverage in negotiating with hotels and convention facilities by being able to select a site several years in advance.

The council vote follows a report from the Convention Officer, Secretary-Treasurer Jane Broendel, of the findings of the Convention Site Committee on information on cities considered as possible sites.

The 2016 convention will be held Aug. 15-19 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

A decision on the site for the 2018 convention is on hold.

In addition to Broendel, the members of the site selection committee are Glen Norton, president of Las Vegas Branch 2502; Howard Komine, president of Honolulu Branch 860; and Jim Korolowicz, retired national assistant secretary-treasurer and member of South Macomb, MI Branch 4374.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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