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A special message from President Bill Young
on efforts to develop a new route evaluation process

August 4, 2004
Local parties encouraged to evaluate routes jointly while
NALC and USPS discuss new route adjustment system
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NALC and USPS at the national level have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) extending the national task force on evaluating and adjusting routes through FY2005.

NALC President William H. Young and USPS Chief Operating Officer Patrick R. Donohoe issued this statement: "We ask you all to work together and take full advantage of this opportunity to explore options for route evaluation and adjustment methodologies that increase our delivery efficiency and provide a creative and meaningful city letter carrier work experience."

The following are the essential elements of the parties’ agreement:

1. During the period covered by the MOU, the local parties may agree on a method for evaluating routes using locally available data and based on that agreement adjustments will be made.

2. Jointly signed copies of locally developed methodologies must be forwarded to NALC President William H. Young and Acting Vice President, Delivery and Retail William P. Galligan. As adjustments are made to delivery units, the impact in those units will be recorded on a jointly developed form to be provided by the national parties.

3. Beginning September 1, 2004, special route inspection activity required under the criteria of Handbook M-39 Section 271, and route inspection activity required by grievance settlements and/or arbitration awards that were suspended from April 1 to August 31, 2004, may be conducted using the traditional route inspection process.

4. During the period covered by the MOU, routes meeting the criteria of Handbook M-39 Section 271 will be evaluated using the traditional methodology outlined in Chapter 2 of Handbook M-39. During this period, no other routes are to be evaluated and adjusted using the traditional methodology of Chapter 2 of Handbook M-39.

5. Either party at the national level may terminate this agreement with fourteen days notice to the other party. If this occurs, those local parties who have agreed to a methodology to evaluate and adjust routes will continue that agreement through FY2005; those who have no agreement will use current applicable handbooks and manuals to evaluate and adjust routes.

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