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'President's Message' editorials

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando
  President Fred Rolando
Biography of
President Fred Rolando

2010 President's Messages:

2009 President's Messages:

NALC President Emeritus William H. Young
  President Bill Young
Biography of
President Emeritus Bill Young

2009 President's Messages:

  • July 2009: Passing the baton to a new generation
  • June 2009: Remember -- the best defense is good offense
  • May 2009: It's time for Congress to step up to the plate
  • April 2009: The times are a-changin' and it's time for us to act
  • March 2009: Saving universal service from an economic storm
  • February 2009: Saving universal service from an economic storm
  • January 2009: Political payback and the Free Choice Act

2008 President's Messages:

2007 President's Messages:

2006 President's Messages:

2005 President's Messages:

2004 President's Messages:

2003 President's Messages:

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