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August 2014 was another good month for the Postal Service

The PRC just posted the Postal Service’s monthly results for August 2014, and the year to date results through August. This is the last results report we will see before the Postal Service announces their full-year results around mid-November.

August was another good month. Excluding the $475 million RHB prefunding expense and a $502 million expense for workers’ comp accounting adjustments (falling interest rates have caused negative workers’ comp adjustments this year), the Postal Service had a $266 million operating profit in August.

This compares to a $261 million operating loss in August 2013 – meaning there was a $527 million positive swing for this August compared to last August.

For the year to date, the Postal Service now has a $1.316 billion operating profit. This is higher than the $1.1 billion the Postal Service forecast for 2014 and bodes well for their full year results.

Stay tuned to this station for a full recap in mid-November.

A link to the August 2014 report can be found here.

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