National Association of Letter Carriers News Feed National Association of Letter Carriers News Feed Wed, 1 Oct 2014 05:00:00 +0000 AMPS en hourly 1 Collective bargaining update Sat, 13 Jul 2024 10:11:59 -0500 NALC President Brian L. Renfroe issued the following statement:

NALC and USPS bargaining representatives spent most of the past week “locked down” in a Washington, DC hotel focused on negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. This intense session enabled us to work undisturbed in a neutral space towards reaching a tentative agreement.

Since last year, bargaining representatives have worked tirelessly to achieve common ground on hundreds of proposals that would benefit letter carriers and reward us for our value and contributions to the success of the Postal Service. This week’s uninterrupted negotiations resulted in progress toward resolution of numerous outstanding issues. The number of unresolved issues has narrowed significantly, and we will continue negotiations in the coming week.

As the week ends, I am more optimistic than at any earlier point in this round of collective bargaining that we can and will reach a tentative agreement that meets the moment for our members and fairly recognizes and rewards them for their dedicated work and contributions to the Postal Service. However, if negotiations break down, we are fully prepared to pursue our goals in the interest arbitration process.

As has been the case for decades, our bargaining process progresses discreetly through sensitive and substantive discussion as opposed to public campaigns in the press or on social media that would hamper our public-sector union’s efforts. I deeply appreciate the diligence and commitment to achieving results in this process from NALC’s officers, staff, and professionals, as well as the continued good faith bargaining engagement of Deputy Postmaster General Doug Tulino and his team.


Department of Labor announces proposed rule to protect workers in extreme heat Tue, 02 Jul 2024 11:00:00 -0500 Today, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) released a proposed rule with the goal of protecting millions of workers from the significant health risks of extreme heat. The rule would require employers to establish a Heat Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (HIIPP) that includes specific elements outlined in the proposed rule necessary to protect workers from the dangers of excessive heat.

The proposed rule will be published in the Federal Register and will call for public comments. The DOL also anticipates a public hearing after the close of the written comment period.  

“The health and safety of letter carriers always comes first,” NALC President Brian L. Renfroe said. “NALC has fought for more than a decade in several avenues to achieve protections for our members from the dangers we face working outdoors in excessive heat. While progress has been made, a national rule that requires employers to provide comprehensive prevention is the ultimate solution. We appreciate Acting Secretary Julie Su for her engagement with our union and for prioritizing this important issue. NALC fully supports implementation of this proposed rule.”

July Postal Record available Mon, 01 Jul 2024 13:21:31 -0500 Audio edition of the NALC Activist Spring 2024 issue now available Thu, 27 Jun 2024 15:05:04 -0500 Maximum annual leave carryover amount of 520 hours extended into the 2025 leave year Tue, 25 Jun 2024 11:00:00 -0500 NALC and the United States Postal Service have agreed to a memorandum of understanding (M-02002) extending the annual leave carryover limit. Regular work force career employees covered by the USPS-NALC National Agreement may carry over 520 hours of accumulated annual leave from leave year 2024 to leave year 2025. The Memorandum does not change the provisions in the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) for payment of accumulated leave. This MOU will expire with the conclusion of the 2025 Leave Year.

NALC honors and celebrates Juneteenth Wed, 19 Jun 2024 13:31:25 -0500 NALC President Brian L. Renfroe issued the following statement:

Today, NALC joins all Americans in honoring and celebrating Juneteenth, a meaningful national holiday that celebrates freedom and commemorates the final emancipation of enslaved Black Americans.

On this day in 1865, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to finally enforce President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation – more than two years after it was issued. This monumental and historic day of liberation has long been celebrated by Black Americans on June 19 each year. Thankfully, Juneteenth is now celebrated by all Americans after it became a federal holiday in 2021.

While this day marking abolition and freedom is a time for celebration, reflection and reconciliation, we must also recognize and confront our nation’s painful legacy. This includes acknowledging the pain Black Americans and other people of color have experienced in our nation’s past, and the ways this has shaped our present. As we honor the Black community’s contributions to this country and celebrate freedom on this day, NALC reaffirms our commitment to continuing our work toward true racial equality in our workplace, our union and in America. We stand in solidarity with the ongoing fight to realize our nation’s promise of freedom, liberty and opportunity for all.

On behalf of NALC, I wish everyone a happy Juneteenth.

Collective bargaining update Sun, 30 Jun 2024 11:00:00 -0500 As NALC continues to finalize preparation and work out details for interest arbitration with USPS and the mutually selected chair of the interest arbitration panel, Arbitrator Dennis R. Nolan, the parties continue to negotiate in an effort to reach a tentative agreement.

For many years, NALC and USPS bargaining representatives have “locked down” in a hotel to engage in intensive, around-the-clock talks, including in the current round of collective bargaining. To build on recent progress in negotiations, NALC and USPS representatives have agreed to spend an additional week in early July in a hotel to work toward reaching agreement on the few economic and non-economic issues that remain unresolved.

NALC President Brian L. Renfroe said:

“We are pleased with the recent progress and potential opportunity to reach a fair agreement that rewards all letter carriers and compensates us for our value and the critical role we play in the Postal Service’s success.

Our goals in collective bargaining remain steadfast. While our interest arbitration case is strong and we will not hesitate to utilize that process fully if necessary to achieve our goals, we remain committed to exhausting every possibility to achieve a tentative agreement that meets our goals for our members to consider for ratification.

As we continue the negotiations process, I appreciate the hard work and diligence of NALC’s officers, staff, branch leadership, and the rank-and-file members of our union for their activism, input, and support that shapes NALC’s bargaining priorities.

From resolutions that start at the branch level and become our official bargaining positions to the thousands of letter carriers that communicate current issues and their priorities, this activism is the foundation of what we have historically achieved in this process and will achieve in this round of collective bargaining.” 

Honoring Former Director of City Delivery Brian Farris Tue, 11 Jun 2024 15:02:33 -0500 NALC is deeply saddened by the recent death of former Director of City Delivery Brian Farris.

Brother Farris entered the Postal Service in 1963 and served as president of Huntington Beach, CA Branch 2135. In 1973, he played a key role in the merger of 26 branches into Garden Grove Branch 1100, now the largest branch in NALC. He served as Vice President and President of Branch 1100 until 1979, when he was elected Region 1 National Business Agent. He was elected Director of City Delivery in 1986 and served in that position until November 1993.

“On behalf of NALC, I send my deepest sympathies to Brother Farris' family, friends and colleagues,” NALC President Brian L. Renfroe shared. “In addition to his time as our union’s Directory of City Delivery, I am grateful for his years of dedicated service to Branch 1100 and Region 1, where I know he will be greatly missed. We mourn his loss.”

Update to Article 10 charges Mon, 10 Jun 2024 11:00:00 -0500 As reported on May 5, the NALC Executive Council met at NALC Headquarters on April 25 and 26 and voted on the charges received by the Council proffered against President Brian L. Renfroe by Director of City Delivery Christopher Jackson.

Following these votes, the Council has authorized the release of the investigator’s report and the committee’s report through the Members Only portal on

NALC members can log in here and access both reports.

Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) update Wed, 05 Jun 2024 14:05:15 -0500 On Friday, May 31, the first production-model Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs) were delivered to the Postal Service by Oshkosh Defense.

These vehicles, which are the culmination of more than a decade of planning, designing, building and testing of the NGDV, were deployed to the Athens, GA, Sorting and Delivery Center and will be used to replace the current fleet of right-hand drive Long Life Vehicles. The final design of the NGDV was influenced by the feedback of NALC representatives and city letter carriers from around the country who reviewed the initial design of the vehicle in Oshkosh, WI, in July 2021. The initial production of NGDVs are gas-powered variants, with the battery-electric models scheduled for deployment in August 2024.

As more NGDVs are produced and deployed, NALC will update the membership through website posts and articles in The Postal Record.

eOPF access restored Mon, 03 Jun 2024 13:43:16 -0500 Access to an employee’s Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) has been restored. To view your eOPF, log into LiteBlue ( From the Apps tab, click on eOPF.

Spring Edition of the NALC Activist now available Mon, 03 Jun 2024 11:27:20 -0500 June Postal Record available Fri, 31 May 2024 13:18:21 -0500 NALC Bulletin Tue, 28 May 2024 14:19:25 -0500 Information about upcoming 73rd Biennial Convention Thu, 23 May 2024 10:48:46 -0500