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As the need for food assistance is still more significant than ever, we want to allow everyone to continue to meet that need and help your local community food pantry or bank. We invite you to help the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive feed the hungry in America by donating what you can to a food bank in your community. Simply find your state below and click on the link to donate directly.

All collections stay in the local community. Participation is voluntary. 

Food banks: If your address or website needs to be updated, please contact

Are food drive donations tax-deductible?

All donations to the Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive are tax-deductible because all of the food collected on Food Drive Day is given directly to non-profit charity food agencies in the local community. Though the National Association of Letter Carriers plans the Food Drive’s logistics and letter carriers provide the transportation for each donor’s generous donation, the National Association of Letter Carriers is not the agency that gets listed on tax forms for claiming deductions. There are more than 10,000 food agencies throughout the country that receive these donations. If you itemize your taxes and want to provide proper credit for your Food Drive donations, you will need to determine the name of the agency (food pantry or other charity) that received your food, as well as the agency’s address and tax identification number for proper reporting on your tax-filing forms. The Food Drive Coordinator at your local post office (click here for a post office locator) can provide you with the name of the receiving agency. Please contact the receiving agency to obtain the necessary tax information.


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