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To reach the department, please call 202-393-2833. If you wish to contact a specific member of the Department of Legislative and Political Affairs, see below.

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Kori Blalock Keller, Director of Legislative and Political Affairs

In March 2014, Kori Blalock Keller was hired as the Department of Legislative and Political Affairs’ legislative director and as political advisor to NALC’s president. Prior to coming to work for NALC, Keller worked for 10 years for a transportation union as its spokesperson for communications and legislative affairs. Since coming to NALC, Keller has helped fend off the repeated legislative attacks on letter carrier jobs while promoting the need for real postal reform that will allow the U.S. Postal Service to innovate and grow. As the director of the department, Keller oversees its staff and also sets NALC’s legislative, political and grassroots priorities.

Ed Morgan, Legislative and Political Organizer

As a legislative and political organizer, Morgan works closely with the Department of Legislative and Political Affairs at NALC Headquarters as well as with state associations and legislative and political activists across the country. Morgan, a member of Philadelphia Branch 157, has served as a branch steward, congressional district liaison, trustee and web editor. In addition, Morgan has led get-out-the-vote efforts in the Philadelphia area as part of the AFL-CIO’s labor-to-labor election program during the 2012 and 2014 cycles. In 2015, he assisted in developing and executing NALC’s first-ever network activist training, where he coached nearly 200 letter carriers from across the country on how to get active—and stay active—on the legislative and political fronts. He is a graduate of Leadership Academy Class 18.

Travis Van Horn, Legislative Communications Assistant

Travis Van Horn’s role in the Department of Legislative and Political Affairs is to help increase the flow of information with regard to the happenings on and off Capitol Hill from NALC Headquarters to the entire membership. Before coming to NALC, Van Horn worked on two ballot measures in Oregon to pass marriage equality and provide undocumented immigrants with driver’s licenses, in addition to helping elect a state representative in the state’s most contested race in 2014. Most recently, he worked with trade associations, coalitions and Fortune 500 companies in an account support role with a boutique public affairs firm specializing in health policy. He holds a B.A. in political science and an M.A. in political communication.

Corey Miller, Legislative and Political Assistant

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Corey Miller worked for political consulting firms, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a film production company in Los Angeles before coming to NALC.

State association presidents

Alabama: Antonia Shields
Alaska: Chris Crutchfield
Arizona: Jeff Clark
Arkansas: Barry Bode
California: John Beaumont
Colorado: Doug Jaynes
Connecticut: Joe Mahon
Delaware: Alfonso Castagno
Florida: Al Friedman
Georgia: Don Griggs
Hawaii: Terry Kaolulo
Idaho: John Paige
Illinois: John Cooksey
Indiana: John Triplett
Iowa: Jim Beach
Kansas: Andy Tuttle
Kentucky: Bob McNulty
Louisiana: Troy Scott
Maine: Jon Brackett
Maryland/DC: Tonya Detrick
Massachusetts: Van Heffernan
Michigan: Carl Blassingame
Minnesota: Warren Wehmas
Mississippi: Guy Weldon
Missouri: Kevin Holmes
Montana: Julie Quilliam
Nebraska: Larrissa Parde
Nevada: Mickey Grizzle
New Hampshire: Ronald Pritchard
New Jersey: Richard O’Connell
New Mexico: Richard Martinez
New York: George Mangold
North Caroline: Eddie Davidson
North Dakota: Scott Beohm
Ohio: John Dyce
Oklahoma: Mike Rogers
Oregon: Ricky Horton
Pennsylvania: Joseph Antal
Rhode Island: Robert Falso
South Carolina: Michael Hamilton
South Dakota: Brent Fjerestad
Tennessee: Christopher Verville
Texas: Carlos Rodriguez
Utah: Phil Rodriquez
Vermont: Jill Charbonneau
Virginia: Thelma Hunt
Washington: Brian Wiggins
West Virginia: Joe Paden
Wisconsin: Scott Van Derven
Wyoming: Rene Eberhardt

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