Union administration

NALC regions

Fifteen elected national business agents (NBAs), each responsible for one of 15 regions of the country, serve the members and branches in their region. Every region also employs at least one regional administrative assistant (RAA) appointed by the NALC national president. Acting under the national president's ultimate direction, NBAs have extensive authority over union affairs in their regions, and serve on the NALC executive council. An NBA’s primary responsibility is contract administration—handling grievances, presenting arbitrations, and dealing with regional postal management. They also deal with organizing and respond to requests for advice and assistance from branches in their regions.

Any member needing assistance should first contact his or her branch officers or national business agent before contacting NALC National Headquarters for help.

The map at the bottom of the page shows the 15 regions; clicking on a state will reveal contact information for the branches and NBAs for that state.

Reg. 1 (CA, HI, NV & GU)

Bryant Almario3105 E. Guasti Road, Suite 200
Ontario, CA 91761

Serving letter carriers in California, Hawaii, Nevada and the territory of Guam

Bryant J. Almario, National Business Agent

Bryant J. Almario was appointed national business agent for Region 1 in 2017 by NALC President Fredric V. Rolando to fill a vacancy.

Almario, a member of Santa Clara, CA Branch 1427, became a letter carrier in 1987. He immediately joined NALC as a member of Salinas, CA Branch 1046. (Branch 1046 merged with Santa Cruz Branch 269 in the early 1990s; that branch later merged with Branch 1427.)

In 1990, Almario became a steward, a role he served in for four years until his election as vice president of Branch 269. He was elected president of that branch in 1999.

“I became active in the union when it was obvious to me that carriers were feeling miserable at work,” Almario said. “Management had created an atmosphere that was strained and uncomfortable.”

He reasoned that if letter carriers were miserable at work, that misery was probably taken home. “At that time, and to this day, I’ve focused on improving the workplace environment,” he said.

Almario also has served as a joint route inspection process co-leader for the San Jose District, and he was a member of the Bay Valley District’s Employee Assistance Program advisory committee. As a local business agent, he put on trainings, participated in interventions and presented many cases in arbitration.

In 2004, then-NALC President William H. Young appointed Almario to be a regional administrative assistant for Region 1.

Almario is the father of two sons, Bradley and Brent.


  • Calvin Brookins, Van Nuys, CA Branch 2462
  • Jeff Frazee, Las Vegas Branch 2502
  • James Henry, Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100
  • Allan Rios, Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100

Reg. 2 (AK, ID, MT, OR, UT & WA)

Paul Price316 SE 123rd Avenue, Suite A-5
Vancouver, WA 98683

Serving letter carriers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington

Paul Price, National Business Agent

Paul Price, the national business agent for Pacific Northwest Region 2, believes that turning “ho-hum” unionists into life-long activists can be the key to a successful future, not only for the NALC but also for every working letter carrier.

“How the union encourages participation of the younger members is crucial and is our biggest challenge,” said Price, a member of Portland, OR Branch 82.

Price, re-elected by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia, joined the union “my very first day of orientation” in 1985 on the advice of his father, Richard, who had also served as a shop steward and Branch 82 officer. But it was Paul Price’s early personal experience that propelled him to activism when he was assigned to a station “where men and women cried openly on the workroom floor because of the abuse. I became a steward within my first 100 days. What I saw there has motivated me to this day.”

Price became a branch trustee as well as steward—for three years, he was his father’s steward at Rose City Park station. He became an arbitration advocate in 1992 and also worked as a local business agent from 1990 to 1994. In 1994, he was appointed regional administrative assistant (RAA), serving until his first election as Region 2 NBA by acclamation at the Philadelphia convention in 2002.

Along with enforcing carriers’ rights, “my emphasis continues to be to devise ways to capture the interest of the uninvolved union members so that they become life-long activists,” said Price, who attended Portland State University.

Noting that his father needed to work two jobs to make ends meet, he said, “We don’t have to do that today, thanks to the union. Our members, including the younger ones, need to know that and be vigilant to protect that.”

Price is married to Sarah Price and has twin five-year-old girls, Madison and Kennedy.


  • Debra Dixon, Olympia, WA Branch 351
  • Nick Vafiades, Longview, WA Branch 2214

Reg. 3 (IL)

Michael Caref4979 Indiana Avenue, Suite 203
Lisle, IL 60532-3848

Serving letter carriers in Illinois

Michael Caref, National Business Agent

Michael Caref grew up in a union household, and he said that after he became a letter carrier in 1994, “it didn’t take long to see why letter carriers have a need for a union.”

Caref was elected national business agent (NBA) for Chicago Region 3 in 2014 following balloting held among his region’s active and retired members. Before that, he had served from 2010 to 2014 as vice president of Chicago Branch 11, one of NALC’s largest branches. But he began his career as a union activist in 2000, serving for 10 years as a steward for Chicago’s Ravenswood Station.

“My early activism centered around fighting unjust discipline (mine or co-workers’) and other contractual violations,” Caref said. “But I’ve since learned there is much more to our union.”

Caref has also served as the Illinois State Association of Letter Carriers’ Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) coordinator from 2001 to 2009, and he was a delegate-at-large from 2011 to 2013.

In addition, he has been an Employee Involvement (EI) team member and a member of the Joint District Safety Team. He has participated in all of the various route adjustment processes over the years, and he is an arbitration advocate. Caref also is a 2008 graduate of the NALC Leadership Academy. He now serves the letter carriers for Region 3, which covers the state of Illinois.

“I will work tirelessly with the officers and members in the region to make the NALC stronger and to better serve the letter carriers who make up this great union,” he said.

Caref is the father of Anthony, Alanis, Solstice, twins Cassius and Clay, Mya and Zuri.


  • Tony Hutson, Aurora, IL Branch 219
  • Bill Jackson, Downers Grove, IL Branch 1870

Reg. 4 (AZ, AR, CO, OK & WY)

Roger Bledsoe1018 Airport Road, Suite 116
Hot Springs, AR 71913-4626

Serving letter carriers in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming

Roger W. Bledsoe, National Business Agent

Roger Bledsoe is the national business agent (NBA) for Denver Region 4, which serves the letter carriers of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming. President William H. Young appointed him NBA in May 2009 to fill a vacancy; he was elected to that position by acclamation during the 2010 Anaheim Convention and again during the 2014 Philadelphia Convention.

Bledsoe, a member of Oklahoma City, OK Branch 458, became a letter carrier and NALC member in 1980. Since then, he has served as shop steward as well as his branch’s director of safety and health, trustee and recording secretary. Later, he worked with the U.S. Postal Service as part of the Union-Management Pairs program and on the Oklahoma District’s Dispute Resolution Team. He also has served as an arbitration advocate.

“The way I saw postal management treating letter carriers convinced me that I needed to get involved,” Bledsoe said.

In 1998, President Vincent R. Sombrotto named Bledsoe a regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 4. Now, as an NBA, Bledsoe wants “to see that every letter carrier is treated with dignity and respect,” he said.

“I want to ensure that every letter carrier can enjoy coming to work and can return home following a day at work,” he said.

Bledsoe has studied at Rose State College in Midwest City, OK, as well as at South Oklahoma City College. He and his wife, Melinda, have two daughters, Brooke and Jessica. Jessica and her husband, the son of a Goshen, IN, letter carrier, are the parents of Bledsoe’s granddaughter, Cadence.


  • Anita Lewallen, Conway, AR Branch 1592
  • John Robles, Centennial Colorado Branch 5996

Reg. 5 (MO, IA, NE & KS)

Michael J. Birkett1828 Craig Road
St. Louis, MO 63146-4712

Serving letter carriers in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas

Michael J. Birkett, National Business Agent

Mike Birkett joined the Postal Service in July 1984 as an APWU-represented clerk but transferred to the letter carrier craft just two months later and immediately joined NALC.

“Within the month, I was walking an informational picket line for the NALC in Dubuque,” Birkett said. “I had been a Teamster just prior to starting at the Postal Service and knew that the only chance working families have to get ahead was to be united.”

Birkett, a member of Dubuque, IA Branch 257, was elected national business agent (NBA) for St. Louis Region 5 by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia. At the time, he was a regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 5, having been appointed to that position by NALC President Fredric V. Rolando in 2009.

Prior to joining the Postal Service, Birkett served in the U.S. Army from 1974 to 1977, where he worked as a military police investigator. He was a Teamster from 1980 to 1984; during that time, he attended Central Texas College, the University of Iowa and the University of Dubuque.

Soon after he became a letter carrier in 1984, Birkett became a steward for Branch 257. In 1986, he was elected branch president and served in that capacity until 1996. Birkett also served two stints as a local business agent—1991 to 1995 and 1999 to 2009—and he was the district representative for the Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers from 1992 to 1996.

Birkett was Branch 257’s health benefits representative for more than 15 years, the branch Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) coordinator from 1986 to 2009, and the branch Food Drive coordinator for 11 years. He worked as a part-time RAA from 1995 to 1999, and he has been an arbitration advocate since 1995.

From 2003 to 2009, Birkett served as president of the Iowa State Association. As an RAA, he has conducted numerous training classes on a variety of subjects throughout the region, which covers Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

Active politically, Birkett also is a member of the Dubuque County Democrats’ central committee. He has been a delegate to several county, district and Democratic state conventions, he has been released by NALC to work on several “get out the vote” campaigns, and he was district coordinator for all of labor in 2008.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver made Birkett an Honorary Colonel in the Iowa National Guard, and in 2011 he was inducted into the Iowa State Association’s Hall of Fame.

Birkett said his goals as NBA are very simple: “To tirelessly advocate for letter carriers and strive to make their lives better, whether through contract enforcement, negotiations and in our legislative efforts; to build upon the accomplishments of past NALC leaders who have won great economic gains for letter carriers; and to help steer the course for the future of letter carriers during a time of great change to both the structure of the Postal Service and in letter carrier jobs.

Birkett has been married to his wife, Cheryl, since 1980; they have three adult children: Nicole, Brett and Blair. “I’ve been lucky to have the support of family,” he said, “plus my local branch and former Region 5 NBAs Coyle, Miller, Buck, Weir and Pittman.”


  • Charles Sexton, St. Louis Branch 343
  • Stephanie Stewart, Central Iowa Merged Branch 352

Reg. 6 (KY, IN & MI)

Patrick Carroll43456 Mound Road, Suite 501
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Serving letter carriers in Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan

Patrick C. Carroll, National Business Agent

Patrick Carroll was re-elected Kentucky-Indiana-Michigan (K-I-M) Region 6 national business agent (NBA) in 2014 following balloting held among his region’s active and retired members. The member of South Macomb, MI Branch 4374 had first been appointed to that position by President William H. Young in 2005 to fill a vacancy.

“Early in my career,” he said, “I recognized the way management mistreated letter carriers and I thought I would do whatever I could to stop those abusive managers.”

Carroll held a number of elected and appointed positions in Branch 4374, including steward, chief steward, sergeant-at-arms, editor and treasurer, before beginning a 10-year run as branch secretary in 1981. He has also served as an arbitration advocate, and he was active on many fronts, including training, intervention and dispute resolution, as well as legislation, having served as a congressional district liaison for many years.

“When I saw a brother or sister NALC member being treated unfairly,” Carroll said, “I felt it my duty to stand up with and for that person who needed help. I saw very quickly how hard we work and how management failed to appreciate our efforts.”

For six years, he served as an executive board trustee for the Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers. In 1991, he was elected president of Branch 4374, an office he held until his 2002 appointment by President Vincent R. Sombrotto as regional administrative assistant (RAA) for the 18,000-member Region 6.

“My main goal as an NALC national officer is to make the workplace one that people can come to and be appreciated for the job they perform for their customers,” he said. “In many work sites, the ‘human element’ is no longer a part of the daily operation. I want people to feel proud to be part of progressive work environment where they are treated as a valuable human resource to make the Postal Service successful.

“This is not that hard to do,” Carroll said. “Many companies do that already and are rewarded with great success.”

Carroll’s duties include oversight of the region’s training sessions, arbitrations, Dispute Resolution teams, interventions, membership organizing and general representation of members. He also serves as co-chair of the Great Lakes Area Safety Task Force.

“I want to do my part to make the NALC stronger for those who take over when I am gone,” he said.

Carroll attended Eastern Michigan University and Lawrence Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Grace, have two adult children: Lisa and Christopher.


  • Troy Clark, Central Kentucky Branch 361
  • David Mudd, Louisville, KY Branch 14

Reg. 7 (MN, ND, SD & WI)

Chris WittenburgBroadway Place West
1300 Godward Street NE, Suite 2600
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Serving letter carriers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Chris Wittenburg, National Business Agent

Chris Wittenburg was re-elected by acclamation in 2014 as national business agent (NBA) for Minneapolis Region 7, which serves the letter carriers of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In 2009, President William H. Young appointed Wittenburg NBA to fill a vacancy; Wittenburg’s re-election came during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia.

Wittenburg says he became an activist with St. Paul Branch 28 because he wanted his fellow letter carriers to work in a safe and fair work environment.

“Union values and the NALC are the ways to ensure fairness and respect in the Postal Service workplace,” he said.

Wittenburg served as a shop steward from 1990 to 2002. He has also been his branch’s sergeant-at-arms as well as its social and entertainment chair.

“As a steward, I helped uphold those values by holding management accountable,” he said. “As time went on, I became more interested in what unions stand for and began to volunteer and run for many positions in the branch.”

In 2002, he was elected branch vice president, an office he held until 2006, when President Young appointed him as a regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 7.

Now Region 7’s NBA, Wittenburg says communication plays a vital role in his office.

“It is the responsibility of the regional office to train and prepare the branch leadership to effectively communicate and represent the membership at the highest possible level,” he said. “Adapting to the ever-changing landscape requires balance and thinking outside the box.

“Successfully assisting branch leadership in navigating the mine fields and achieving success in those areas is very rewarding,” he said. “In the end, an educated, supported, content membership that enjoys coming to work and serving the American people would be a satisfying accomplishment.”

Wittenburg and his wife, Linda, have two adult children, Jillian and Daniel.


  • Troy Fredenburg, Minneapolis Branch 9
  • Jason Karnopp, Minneapolis Branch 9

Reg. 8 (AL, LA, MS & TN)

Lassan160 Commissioner Drive
Meridianville, AL 35759

Serving letter carriers in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

Steve Lassan, National Business Agent

Steve Lassan was appointed national business agent (NBA) for Region 8 (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee) by NALC President Fredric Rolando in 2018 to succeed Pete Moss, who retired.

Lassan, a member of Nashville Branch 4, joined the Postal Service as a city carrier in Nashville in 1985, and soon became a shop steward. He served as dispute resolution team (DRT) representative for the Tennessee District and then as an arbitration advocate for Region 8.

As arbitration advocate, Lassan was instrumental in winning settlements resulting in awards of several million dollars, including an award in 2005 that involved a $1.2 million contribution to the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) to help postal employees affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Branch 4 elected Lassan as branch secretary in 2004. That year, then-NALC President William H. Young appointed Lassan to serve as regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 8, a position he held until his appointment as NBA.

Lassan learned the value of unions from his father, a steelworker. “I believe in solidarity—it is a daily indebtedness we must have with each other,” Lassan said. “I will do my part to ensure dignity and respect for letter carriers is recognized.”


  • Monica Walker, Baton Rouge Branch 129
  • Chris Strickland, Tuscaloosa, AL Branch 1096

Reg. 9 (FL, GA, NC & SC)

Kenneth R. Gibbs Jr.5201 Ravenswood Rd., Suite 119/120
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6007

Serving letter carriers in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Kenneth R. Gibbs Jr., National Business Agent

Second-generation letter carrier Kenneth Gibbs was elected national business agent (NBA) for Atlanta Region 9 by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia.

Gibbs, a member of Brunswick, GA Branch 313, said he grew up in an NALC household—his father, Kenneth Gibbs Sr., had served as Branch 313 secretary-treasurer when the younger Gibbs was branch president, and Kenneth Jr. served as a T-6 on his father’s letter route.

The former Glynn County, GA, substitute school teacher was hired as a letter carrier “in 1980 and immediately joined the NALC,” he said. “I already knew how important the union is to working men and women.”

Gibbs said he started his union activism career by volunteering. “I volunteered first to organize the branch retiree dinner,” he said. “From that, my branch president would appoint me or ask me to run for vacancies as they became open.” As a result, Gibbs has served Branch 313 as Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) coordinator, sergeant-at-arms, joint route inspection co-leader, health benefits representative, trustee and vice president.

“After a while,” he said, “the position of president was one of the few that I had not held.” So in 1990, when Branch 313 President Edward Lowe retired, Gibbs ran for the office and won. He served as president until 2003, when NALC President William H. Young appointed him as a regional administrative assistant for Region 9, which serves letter carriers in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The same method of progression of volunteering, being appointed to and being asked to run for office worked at the state and regional levels, too: Gibbs has served as recording secretary for the local joint Employee Involvement (EI) steering committee, as a regional arbitration advocate and local business agent, as district representative on the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) advisory committee and as a back-up Step B team member.

He has also held several offices with the Georgia State Association of Letter Carriers (GSALC), including president from 2002 until his appointment as a Region 9 RAA.

“I was fortunate to work with GSALC President Jerry McLaughlin and Atlanta Branch 73 President Robert Henderson, as well as retired Region 9 NBA Matthew Rose,” he said. “They, along with my past president, the late Edward Lowe, gave me opportunities to work for the members, and I will provide the same opportunities to those who are willing to get the job done for the members now.”

Gibbs’ experience is not limited to carrying the mail and the job’s attendant challenges—he has also refereed at high school football and basketball games, and until 2003 he ran a restaurant in Brunswick, GA.

As NBA, “I hope to provide the members of Region 9 with the best representation possible,” he said. “I will keep them informed and I will work to create better working conditions on the workroom floor.”

Gibbs has an Associate of Science degree from Brunswick Junior College. He and his wife, Linda, have three daughters—Angel, Angelina and Angela—and five grandchildren.


  • Jeff Siciunas, Jacksonville, NC Branch 3984
  • Lynne Pendleton, Central Florida Branch 1091
  • Don Lyerly, West Coast Florida Branch 1477

Reg. 10 (NM & TX)

Javier Bernal23760 Highway 59 North
Kingwood, TX 77339

Serving letter carriers in New Mexico and Texas

Javier Bernal, National Business Agent

Javier Bernal serves as the national business agent (NBA) for the letter carriers of Dallas Region 10, which serves both Texas and New Mexico.

After serving in the Navy from 1978 to 1982, Bernal joined the Postal Service as a clerk in 1983. He switched to the letter-carrier craft in 1988 and became a steward in 1991.

In 2007, Bernal was certified as a member of the dispute resolution team (DRT) and became an arbitration advocate. He also served on the route count and inspection team for Houston-area offices.

Bernal graduated from Leadership Academy Class 7 in 2009. Later that year, when Baldwin was appointed to be Region 10 NBA, President Rolando appointed Bernal to replace her as regional administrative assistant (RAA). He held this position until his appointment as NBA.


  • Shawn Boyd, Dallas Branch 132
  • Karrie Kimbrell, San Antonio, TX Branch 421

Reg. 11 (Upstate NY & OH)

Daniel Toth5445 Beavercrest Dr., Suite #7
Lorain, Ohio 44053
440-282-4340, 440-282-4341

Serving letter carriers in upstate New York and Ohio

Daniel E. Toth, National Business Agent

The son of a letter carrier, Dan Toth was re-elected Cincinnati Region 11 national business agent (NBA) by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia. President William H. Young had initially appointed Toth to that post in May 2009 to fill a vacancy.

Toth first became active in the defense of letter carriers when he took a shop steward position with Lorain, OH Branch 583 in 1984, and he has been working on behalf of his brother and sister letter carriers ever since.

“As a second-generation letter carrier, I remember how hard my father worked to make ends meet,” Toth said. “During the late 1960s and into the 1970s, letter carriers like my father had to work numerous jobs to provide a solid middle-class quality of life. I decided from the onset of my career that I was going to make a difference in protecting and improving the wages and benefits that the NALC and its members fought to gain.

“From Day 1, I was never intimidated by management,” he said. “Routinely, I went toe-to-toe protecting the rights of letter carriers from overzealous managers.”

Toth served Branch 583 as a local business agent and arbitration advocate, trustee and vice president, eventually rising to become branch president. He also served as director of education for the Ohio State Association of Letter Carriers.

In May 2005, President Young named Toth a regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 11, which serves the letter carriers of Ohio and upstate New York.

“I was able to rise to the position of national business agent because the NALC dedicated resources to train me along with mentors who took the time to provide support and knowledge to help me represent the members to the best of my ability,” Toth said. “I recognize how important that was to me during my growth and I want to pay that forward.”

Toth also serves on the Eastern Area Safety Task Force, the Northern Ohio Communications Task Force, and he is a member of the Northern Ohio Employee Assistance Program (EAP) team.

“Other than providing the best representation possible, one of my main goals as the Region 11 NBA is to train and assist in developing our next generation of NALC leaders,” he said. “I believe this is a responsibility that we should all strive to engage in.

“Ultimately, I would like to see letter carriers continue to have a good wage-and-benefit package,” he added, “a work environment free of bullying and harassment and a fulfilling career that leads to the promised land—retirement!”

Toth studied industrial psychology at The Ohio State University. He and his wife, Nancy, have two adult sons: Russell and Matthew.


  • Mark Camilli, Northeastern New York Branch 358
  • John Collins, Zanesville, OH Branch 63

Reg. 12 (PA & s./c. NJ)

William Lucini9601 James Street
Philadelphia, PA 19114
215-824-4826, 4827

Serving letter carriers in Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Central New Jersey Offices in Bordentown, Bricktown, Hopewell, Lakewood, Princeton, Toms River and Trenton

David J. Napadano, National Business Agent

David J. Napadano was appointed national business agent for Region 12 in 2017 by NALC President Fredric V. Rolando to fill a vacancy.

Napadano began working for the U.S. Postal Service in September of 1975 at the Pittsburgh Bulk Mail Center.

“For me it was like working in a factory,” he said. “The work environment was too closed in for me. I always enjoyed working outside and enjoyed being around people.”

So in 1977, Napadano transferred to his hometown of New Castle, PA. There, he worked briefly as a mail-handler and then as a clerk. The following year, he was granted a transfer to the city letter carrier craft. He joined NALC as a member of New Castle Branch 22, a merged branch that serves letter carriers in central and western Pennsylvania, and he immediately became that branch’s chief steward.

“I found out early in my career that, in order to uphold and keep the rights and privileges that were built by the NALC and our great retired members,” Napadano said, “you had to speak up for yourself and others. Once I began speaking up, others began depending on me to do so.”

While serving as a leader of Branch 22, Napadano was named to head up numerous route inspection programs in western Pennsylvania. He also served as an arbitration advocate and helped to negotiate local agreements. Additionally, Napadano served on NALC’s national teams for workplace environment issues, for overtime improvement and for joint route adjustment processes.

In 1982, Napadano became president of Branch 22 in 1982, a position he held until he was appointed as a Region 12 regional administrative assistant in 2006 by then-President William H. Young.

As NBA, Napadano said, “I hope to continue to improve regional and branch training that NBA Bill Lucini instituted in Region 12—to communicate with management at all levels the need to treat letter carriers with dignity and respect and to keep the workplace safe.”

Napadano and his wife, Linda, have a son, David; a daughter-in-law, Christie; and two grandchildren, Nick and Juliana.


  • Brian Thompson, New Castle, PA Branch 22
  • Leo Zachwieja, Philadelphia Branch 157

Reg. 13 (DE, DC, MD, VA & WV)

Vada Preston2484 Pruden Blvd., Suite A
Suffolk, VA 23434

Serving letter carriers in Delaware, Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

Vada Preston, National Business Agent

Vada Preston is the national business agent (NBA) for NALC Region 13, which serves active and retired letter carriers who live in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

NALC President Fredric Rolando appointed Preston, a member of Tidewater Virginia Branch 247, to serve as NBA in 2017 to fill the vacancy that was created by the retirement of Tim Dowdy.

Preston has been a letter carrier since 1986, having been hired following four years of active service in the U.S. Air Force and two years in the reserves. He immediately joined NALC and became his branch’s scribe; his duties included writing Branch Items for The Postal Record.

In 1992, Preston became a shop steward, a role he served in for four years until his election as vice president of Branch 247. Following six years of service as vice president, he was elected branch president in 2002.

“Coming from a family history filled with union advocates,” Preston said, “I became active in the union when it was obvious to me that carriers were not being treated fairly. I saw firsthand management’s mistreatment and disrespect of letter carriers.”

In addition to his branch office duties, Preston also has served as a backup Dispute Resolution Team member. As a local business agent, he trained fellow members; as an arbitration advocate, he presented cases in arbitration.

“I thought I could make a difference by standing up for my fellow carriers and make a real contribution to improving the work environment,” he said. “At that time, and to this day, I’ve focused on improving the workplace environment.”

In 2005, then-NALC President William H. Young appointed Preston to be a regional administrative assistant for Region 13.

Preston has an associate’s degree in business management and finance, and he is interested in politics and art. He and his wife, Kristine, live in the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia. He is the father of two daughters and one son.


  • Hugh McElroy Jr., Rockville, MD Branch 3825

Reg. 14 (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI & VT)

John Casciano1208A V.F.W. Parkway, Suite 201
W. Roxbury, MA 02132

Serving letter carriers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

John J. Casciano, National Business Agent

First elected as national business agent (NBA) for New England Region 14 in 1998, John Casciano was re-elected to a fifth term by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia.

“I come from a long family line of union members and recognize that unions built this nation’s middle class, fought its wars and worked in its factories,” Casciano said. “Dignity and respect on the workroom floor are never given; they are earned. Solidarity breeds strength.”

Casciano began his postal career as a clerk in Boston in 1980, switching to the carrier craft in 1982, when he became a member of Boston Branch 34. He served as shop steward for 10 years beginning in 1984 and filed grievances on numerous issues. He was elected area steward in 1989, became a local business agent in 1990, and then served as Branch 34 vice president until his election as Region 14 NBA. At the branch level, he also served as a grievance Step 2 representative, route inspection representative, and was an advocate in over 100 arbitrations.

Educated in Boston’s Catholic school system, Casciano has also studied courses at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies near Washington.

“It is my continued desire to take whatever actions are required to ensure that New England letter carriers are recognized for their substantial contributions to the success of the Postal Service,” Casciano said. “I will continue with the assistance of regional administrative assistants Rick DiCecca and Gerald Ugone, local business agents and branch leaders to place postal management on notice that any mistreatment of letter carriers will not be tolerated and will be vigorously pursued to its rightful conclusion.

“Communication and training for our branches is paramount to our continued success,” he said, “as evidenced by our proud heritage as the highest organized region in the entire NALC.”

Casciano and his wife, Kathy, were married in 1972. They have two grown children, both proud union members—a daughter, Jessica, who is a member of the American Postal Workers Union, and a son, John Jr., an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers member.


  • Rick DiCecca, Massachusetts Northeast Merged Branch 25
  • Jerry Ugone, Hartford, CT Branch 86

Reg. 15 (NY, n. NJ, w. CT, PR & VI)

Larry Cirelli347 W. 41st Street, Suite 102
New York, NY 10036

Serving letter carriers in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

Larry Cirelli, National Business Agent

Larry Cirelli was elected to a third term as Region 15 national business agent (NBA) by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia.

The New Jersey letter carrier started out as a member of Jersey City Branch 42 before transferring to New Jersey Merged Branch 38. From branch to region to the NBA’s office, Cirelli held a variety of elected and appointed positions. Notable among these was a seven-year run as a shop steward starting in 1986.

“I wanted to stop carriers from being bullied by management and to help my fellow employees,” Cirelli said.

From 1993 to 1996, he was an Employee Involvement facilitator, and in 1997, he served as Route Inspection Teams leader for Branch 38. A year later, he began five years of service as a Dispute Resolution Process Step B representative. He went on to become a regional administrative assistant for Region 15 before his election as NBA in 2006.

In his latest role as a member of the NALC’s Executive Council, Cirelli continues to strive to give each letter carrier a voice—as well as an ear to hear it.

Cirelli has two sons.


  • Bruce Didriksen, New Jersey Merged Branch 38
  • Orlando Gonzalez, New York City Branch 36
  • Tom Matthews, Long Island, NY Merged Branch 6000

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