Union administration

National conventions & rap sessions

Article 3 Section 1 of the NALC Constitution states:

The National Convention of this Union shall be held biennially in even-numbered years between the Fourth of July and third full week of August.

  • The 72nd Convention in 2020 is Aug. 17-21 in Honolulu.
  • The 73rd Convention in 2022 is Aug. 8-12 in Chicago.
  • The 74th Convention in 2024 is Aug. 5-9 in Boston
  • The 75th Convention in 2026 is Aug. 3-7 in Los Angeles


Article 3 Section 4(b) of the NALC Constitution states:

(b). The National President shall, once each year except in the year of the National Convention, call a national conference. This conference shall be voluntarily attended by only State and Branch Presidents or their designees, with their expenses to be borne by the State Association or Branch represented.

National conferences are better known as “rap sessions.”



NALC 2020 Biennial Convention

NALC’s 72nd National Convention will be held Aug. 17-21, 2020 in Honolulu, HI.


Tour Options

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Hotel rates for 2020 Biennial Convention 

A list of NALC hotels and rates are HERE.

As a reminder, all housing reservations will be handled through NALC’s official housing company. Branches and/or delegates should not contact hotels directly.


Hotel room deposit checks

For branches that have sent or will be sending hotel room deposits by check to the housing company, please be advised that the actual depositing of the checks has been delayed. Branches will receive confirmation from the housing company that the branch’s deposit check has been received. The delay in the depositing of the check will have no effect on maintaining the branch’s hotel reservations. The branch will be notified by the housing company prior to its check being deposited. Branches should not delay mailing the deposit to the housing company despite the delay in it being deposited.