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Support the fight against muscular dystrophy


Half a century of help...millions to fight muscular dystrophy

America's letter carriers have helped lead the search for cure for neuromuscular diseases for half a century. The NALC was the first national sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and letter carriers are among MDA's top fund-raisers, collecting more than $20 million in the past 15 years alone to finance research and provide care and services for children and adults with muscular dystrophies. 

Branches can now register to take part in the year-long campaign to raise funds for NALC's official charity. Branches that fill out a registration form will receive a packet of materials designed to help branches redouble their efforts.

Click here to download a branch registration form. Print it out and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

Fundraising report form

Members, please send your checks to MDA. Locally raised funds must be turned over to the local MDA office for deposit and crediting purposes. Click here to download the form.

Branch MDA representatives are reminded to deliver all money collected each year, along with activity forms, to MDA by Dec. 15. Activity form copies should be sent to the attention of Geneva Kubal at NALC Headquarters also by Dec. 15.

NALC supports MDA through…

Summer camps: Wonderful opportunities for children living with muscular dystrophy to spend time with kids who are just like them, doing activities adapted to their needs and establishing new friendships. NALC members are proud of the fundraising work we do all year long to support research to one day deliver a cure and to help make camps like these a reality.

Muscle Walks: A series of fun, non-competitive local walks held across the country, funding research and services for people with any of more than 40 muscle-damaging diseases. Muscle Walks provides an opportunity to honor adults and children with any of the more than 40 muscle diseases in MDA’s program, walk to have fun and get some light exercise, and raise funds to help MDA support research and provide vital services to families affected by neuromuscular disease.

Bowlathons: One more way NALC can show how serious we are about our long partnership with MDA. For some branches, it might have been years since they’ve done any sort of MDA fund-raising. Others may never have. An event such as a bowlathon gives branches a project they can plug right into, with a goal of increasing branch and letter carrier participation. 

Fill the Satchel: Letter carriers, in uniform and with their postal satchels, set up at various locations around the country, collecting from motorists, pedestrians, shoppers—and even from the crowds heading into sports venues. 

Visit the MDA Tool Kit to learn more.

Get your branch’s efforts recorded in the 2016 MDA Honor Roll

Please be sure to get your donations and activity forms turned in to both MDA and the NALC by Dec. 15 for the 2016 Honor Roll year. That way, we can make sure all credit is given in time to appear in the 2016 Honor Roll coming sometime in early 2017.

Former MDA Coordinator and retired NALC Executive Vice President Jim Williams wanted every branch to become active with MDA and for those involved to increase what they do. Some past efforts were missed because branches did not notify NALC Headquarters in time for donations to appear in the Honor Roll.

With an effort toward better reporting, documented efforts show improved branch involvement and increased donations. Letter carriers are making this happen. The records reflect that the number of participating branches has increased each year since 2013 and that donations have steadily improved since then. Indications are that this increase will continue through 2016. Let’s help the NALC and Jim Williams reach his goal and continue strong.

Muscle Walk update

NALC President Fredric Rolando participated in a Muscle Walk in Dallas as part of the MDA Honor Roll incentive trip.

Thanks to all the representatives from the 11 NALC branches who participated.

Team NALC raised more than $9,000 at this event. Additionally, a few local branches joined and raised an additional $8,000.

Convention update

After all the receipts and expenses from NALC’s 70th Biennial Convention in Los Angeles were reconciled, the union delivered more than $73,000 to MDA at the Honor Roll incentive trip in Dallas in September.

But our success did not end there.

Special thanks go out to NALC Branch 24 in Los Angeles for its members’ efforts in hosting an MDA fundraiser at the branch office. Their work, and the participation of branch members, helped NALC raise more $18,000 for MDA.

The delegates at the national convention were great—NALC raised more than $91,000 in donations to MDA at just this one gathering.

Efforts such as these could not have happened without all of the people who worked very hard. You know who you are and your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

These donations, along with what each local branch raises throughout the year, help those with MD “Live Unlimited” while MDA continues to provide care, find a cure and champion the cause to live with strength, independence and life.

Display your support for MDA

Show off your support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association with this T-shirt affirming NALC’s plan to continue to work to “Deliver the Cure.”

This stylish gray T-shirt has a custom blue design that reveals the long-standing partnership NALC has had and continues to have with the MDA. The back identifies the National Association of Letter Carriers, “Established 1889.”

The shirts come in sizes from small to 4XL and are available to order from NALC’s Supply Department.

Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign number for the Muscular Dystrophy Association is 10561.

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