Union administration

NALC Constitution

NALC ConstitutionNALC democracy is firmly rooted in a written constitution that spells out election procedures, officers’ duties, convention responsibilities, and other key matters. NALC’s constitution has evolved over the years to meet the union’s changing needs and to strengthen members’ control over union affairs.

The NALC Constitution sets the governance structure for the national organization, including national officers and local branches. It also contains provisions related to state letter carrier associations, the U.S. Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association and the NALC Health Benefit Plan.

The constitution requires NALC to hold a national convention of elected delegates from every branch every two years. The convention is the union’s supreme governing body. The convention may amend the constitution. In addition to considering amendments, delegates at the convention discuss key issues in standing committees, and set national policy for NALC. In addition, delegates to every other convention nominate national officers for election to four-year terms.

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