Government affairs

Save America's Postal ServiceNALC’s Department of Legislative and Political Affairs:

  • Engages members of Congress on issues affecting letter carriers and the U.S. Postal Service by lobbying on Capitol Hill
  • Monitors state and federal legislative activities
  • Helps to elect candidates who bring strong voices for letter carriers to Washington, regardless of political party

In addition to NALC’s daily lobbying, our grassroots network of activists helps to advance the policies most important to letter carriers.

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  • For more about NALC’s political activities and political action committee (PAC), click here.
  • For more information about the Department of Legislative and Political Affairs and how to contact your House and Senate representatives, click here.

Legislative Updates

Staying engaged over Congress’ summer recess

August POSTAL RECORD: Budget deadline. ‘Better’ care? Why you should call your legislators. Activism on parade. Overtime rule update. In the news media. Also: Utah law allows state to provide services through post offices.

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Legislative Update, July 29, 2017

House adjourns for August recess, Senate remains in session for now; FY2018 budget update; Senate fails to advance ACA repeal-and-replace measures; Fed-related bills

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FY2018 budget update

The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to pass a nearly $790 billion “minibus” appropriations package in a 235-192, mostly party-line vote.

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E-Activist Network

Join together with tens of thousands of other letter carriers to make your voice heard! NALC will send you e-mail alerts when it's time to act on issues affecting active and retired letter carriers and the future of the Postal Service.

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