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  • A season for giving—recognizing good deeds of letter carriers who help others in their communities, during the holiday season or all year round. New York City Branch 36 member Ernest Twomley, David Correa and Heriberto Rodriguez; Rockford, IL Branch 245 member Francis J. Loebach Jr.; Binghamton, NY Branch 333 member John Lauer; Van Nuys, CA Branch 2462 member Daniel Rathbone; Harrisburg, PA Branch 500 member Keith Fumagalli; members of Cape May, NJ Branch 903 and surrounding areas; members of Fall River, MA Branch 51
  • Consider NALC Health Benefit Plan during Open Season. Open Season for choosing a health plan through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) ends Dec. 12.
  • USPS posts $610M operating profit in FY ’16. The Postal Service now has three years of operating in the black, although the pre-funding problem persists.
  • Free NALC Member App proving popular. Introduced in mid-August, the smartphone app had been installed by more than 21,000 people as of mid-November. Also: Installation instructions for Android and iPhone users.
  • Delivering on one leg. Nothing stops Brooklyn, NY Branch 41 letter carrier Nicole Schloss from delivering the mail—not even a prosthetic leg.
  • Proud to Serve—Honoring heroic letter carriers: Long Island Merged, NY Branch 6000 members Joseph Manno and Victor Santos; Phoenix Branch 576 member Irma Gonzales-Tranter; Oak Brook, IL Branch 825 member Joyce Kolanowski; Portland, OR Branch 82 member Charlie Grimes; Emerald Coast, FL Branch 4559 member John Jackson; Hamilton, OH Branch 426 member Heather Hollister; Virginia Beach, VA Branch 2819 member James Miller; Cleveland Branch 40 member James Alford; Elmira, NY Branch 21 city carrier assistant Angelica Bruno; New Jersey Merged Branch 38 city carrier assistant Gregory Loughlin; Moundsville, WV Branch 893 member Randy Caldwell; Lakeland, FL Branch 1779 member Kenneth Jinwright.
  • Doherty and Donelon Scholarships. The Doherty Scholarship Funds will again award five $4,000 scholarships to children of NALC members in good standing. The Donelon Scholarship Fund will award one scholarship.




  • Solidarity in Action: NALC President Fredric Rolando’s 2014-2016 biennial report to the 70th NALC Convention.
    —2014-2016 biennial report to the 70th NALC Convention: Presidential rulings
    —2014-2016 biennial report to the 70th NALC Convention: NALC Departments
  • Deadline approaching for FEGLI open season. Also: Carrier dies while performing heroic rescue; Corrections to the list of Food Drive collections; Note about next Postal Record issue.
  • Decision 2016: Letter carriers can’t afford to ‘sit out’ election. “Pocketbook issues;” Service and support; Governance; ‘Supreme’ consideration.
  • Two members’ children win Union Plus scholarships. Awarded scholarships were Samantha Gollmer, whose mother, LeAnne Gollmer, is a member of Erie, PA Branch 284; and Isaiah Oropeza, whose father, Ulysses Oropeza, is a member of Central California Coast Branch 52.
  • Financial statements: Financial reports for NALC and Nalcrest for the first half of 2016.
  • Letter from the Postal Record editor: Dog days opportunity.



  • As USPS announces quarterly operating profit, Rolando testifies before House committee. Also: Second quarter USPS operating profit continues strong trend. Stand in solidarity with striking/boycotting union members. NALC members from NY, NJ and PA lobby Congress for postal reform.
  • 24th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive: Delivering food and hope. Letter carriers across the United States displayed concern, compassion and commitment to their postal customers—and to the communities in which they work and live—by participating on Saturday, May 14, in the Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive, the nation’s largest one-day food collection effort.
  • Contract talks intensified in final week of 2011 National Agreement. (Update: Talks extended.) Also: NALC preparing for fight in PRC to mandate new way to set postage rates.
  • Doherty & Donelon Scholarships awarded. Six children of NALC members have been awarded NALC memorial scholarships for excellence in both school work and community involvement. Also: Former Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Jim Souza died April 23.
  • The U.S. Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association: NALC's best-kept secret for 125 years. NALC was founded in 1889 for the mutual benefit of letter carriers, and one of those mutual benefits is the insurance and savings plans offered by the U.S. Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association (MBA).
  • Convention: L.A. by car: More to do in Los Angeles. The Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, L.A. County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, The Queen Mary. Key convention deadlines and tours.
  • Carrier spreads good word about USPS while helping students learn to read. Long Island City, NY Branch 357 President David Van Aken learned recently that he is helping to spread the word about the good that letter carriers do in their communities and helping schoolchildren learn to read.
  • Proud to Serve: Philadelphia Branch 157 city carrier assistant Adam Savage; Southeast PA Merged Branch 725 member Paul Graf; Streator, IL Branch 287 member John Barickman; Wilmette, IL Branch 1107 member Christina Catalano; Jackson, MS Branch 217 member Antuain Morris; Harrisburg, PA Branch 500 member Barbara Mauser; Griffin, GA Branch 1230 member Lorenzo Belga; San Diego Branch 70 member Maryanne Gogue; Rome, GA Branch 536 member Karen Tant; Harrisburg, PA Branch 500 member Russell Barrus Jr.; Binghamton, NY Branch 333 member Doug Lewis; Dayton, OH Branch 182 member Ruth Bennett
  • Letter from the Postal Record editor: Journalists can’t juggle.


  • Retirement 101: The basics ever carrier should know (but probably doesn’t). Letter carriers must be vigilant in their retirement planning. To assist them, this article will walk through ways letter carriers should be getting prepared. Also: Should I keep my savings in the TSP after I retire?
  • Video of questionable arrest of on-duty letter carrier sparks outrage, concern. A Brooklyn letter carrier had a troubling encounter with police that led to his arrest. Also: Hold management accountable with ‘Dignity and Respect’ booklet.
  • Proposal a first step toward fixing, repealing WEP/GPO. House subcommittee discusses a legislative plan to fix a longstanding Social Security provision that harms the financial security of thousands of retired letter carriers. Also: Despite new nominee, still no change at USPS Board of Governors; Good news/bad news for USPS profit picture; SCOTUS decision is victory for public unions; PostalVision2020 conference; NALC leaders in the news.
  • Bargaining committees continue to meet. The NALC Executive Council continues to negotiate with the postal management team to attempt to craft a new national agreement. Also: New Region 12 RAA appointed.
  • L.A. Lights—What to do in Los Angeles. Delegates to the NALC’s 70th biennial convention will come together in a city filled with attractions. Also: Oxygen, wheelchair and scooter rental; Convention deadlines.
  • Food Drive: Hard work + sacrifice = great rewards. This one-day drive, the nation’s largest, provides letter carriers, other postal employees and thousands of volunteers across the nation the opportunity to meld their forces together to conduct the drive in their local communities.
  • Proud to Serve: Denver Branch 47 member Robert Batley; Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100 city carrier assistant Brian Williams; St. Paul, MN Branch 28 member Leonard Kaiser; Salt Lake City, UT Branch 111 member Sean Anderson; Western Wayne County, MI Branch 2184 member Nickolas Gilley; Bristol, VA Branch 807 member Mike Barbrow; Long Island Merged, NY Branch 6000 member Marc Levine; Auburn, ME Branch 345 member Alyson Thompson; Philadelphia Branch 157 member Kevin Sommerer; Pasadena, CA Branch 2200 member Cynthia Maker; Pensacola, FL Branch 321 city carrier assistant Tia Miinch; Fort Smith, AR Branch 399member Amy Taylor.
  • Letter from the Postal Record editor: Small item…big returns



  • NALC, USPS formally open bargaining talks—The leaders of NALC and USPS formally opened negotiations for a new collective-bargaining agreement on Feb. 19. Also: Bargaining through 46 years and still going strong.
  • Rolando to Senate committee: Consensus postal reform is possible—On Jan. 21, NALC President Fredric Rolando was among those called to testify before a Senate committee hearing on USPS. Also: USPS financial report shows strong profits so far for 2016; Catching up on news coverage.
  • Partnerships are crucial to food drive’s success—NALC’s national food drive is a massive undertaking that can’t be handled by letter carriers alone, which is why NALC has been grateful for the help of partners at the national and local levels.
  • Branch supports CCA who donated kidney—When Buffalo-Western New York Branch 3 member Kimberly Zielkiewicz heard that a kidney donation was canceled just days before the surgery, the CCA was inspired to sign up as a potential donor.
  • Remembering the day the mail stopped—At 12:01 a.m. on March 18, 1970, a courageous band of letter carriers in New York City launched what is now called the Great Postal Strike. On its 46th anniversary, NALC remembers their action and the legacy it left.
  • NALC holds first-ever CCA conference—Branch officers hone their skills at Las Vegas training session; ‘Advanced Formal A and Beyond’ outside Baltimore;  Leadership Academy class set for later this year; Educational opportunities at the national convention.
  • Water safety a concern for carriers in Flint, MI—In some postal stations, portable wash units were brought in until the Health Department announced that the tap water there was safe to wash with. Also: Deadlines set for national convention.
  • Trade pact’s details reveal problems for postal banking, American workers—The impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement on postal banking, as well as other economic and labor issues, is just one of many concerns that NALC and others have with the TPP.
  • Carrier honored for 30 years of celebrating labor music—For Jimmy Kelly, carrying the mail was much more than a job, so the Santa Clara, CA Branch 1427 member founded an annual labor music festival 30 years ago.
  • Proud to Serve—Rock Hill, SC Branch 1003 member Mark Pizzo; New Jersey Merged Branch 38 member Garfield Scott; Hazelwood, MO Branch 5847 member Michael Murphy; Syracuse, NY Branch 134 member Carl Dashnaw III; San Diego Branch 70 member David Crestik; Providence, RI Branch 15 member Dennis Price; Las Vegas Branch 2502 member Ken Hatcher; Fall River, MA Branch 51 member Jim Lambert; New Jersey Merged Branch 38 member Dionna Brooks.
  • Letter from the Postal Record editor—Motivated messengers delivering the facts.


  • The new Letter Carrier Political Fund: NALC’s political action committee is now called the Letter Carrier Political Fund, and with the name change comes a commitment to expand the political influence of letter carriers.
  • Money and politics: Understanding the relationship that makes Washington work.
  • Each donation matters: All donors to the LCPF in 2015, sorted by state and branch. Each state shown with the percentage of NALC members who donated and per capita donation, followed by each branch with the same information and each donor with the total amount given.
  • Remembering James Rademacher (1921-2015): James H. Rademacher, national president of the NALC from 1968 to 1977, died on Dec. 15 of natural causes in Roanoke, VA. He was 94 years old.
  • Rolando appoints RAAs, HQ staff; Bargaining; Convention hotels: New RAAs appointed in Regions 3 and 4; Barner moves from Region 9 RAA to HQ post; A note about the opening of bargaining with USPS; Hotels for the Los Angeles convention
  • Proud to Serve: St. Paul, MN Branch 28 member Kirsten Levisen-Lloyd; Dayton, OH Branch 182 member Dana Eby; York, PA Branch 509 member Lars Edleblute; Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100 member Casey Stevens; Rochester, NY Branch 210 member John Lamuraglia; Moulton, AL Branch 6194 member Jeff McCrary; Pittsburgh Branch 84 member Sean Matulevic; Clinton, IA Branch 126 member Charlene Munck; Augusta, GA Branch 263 member Joseph Stiles; Gunniston, CO Branch 5301 member Wayne Smith; Tucson, AZ Branch 704 member Sylvia Mireles; Akron, OH Branch 148 member Benjamin Lipford
  • Financial statements for NALC, Nalcrest for the second six months of 2015
  • Letter from the Postal Record editor: Reaching across the ideological divide


  • Has the paperless push gone too far? As businesses and governments move closer to greater dependence on the Internet, pushback against the actual effectiveness of Internet communications and over security concerns is re-focusing attention on the advantages of maintaining the option of postal mail.
  • News: Update on cyber attacks; Political Fund issue; Executive Council meets at Headquarters; President Emeritus Rademacher dies; FEMA looking to hire retired carriers; Rolando names standing committees
  • The Postal Record presents this look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that letter carriers will face in the new year: Contract negotiations, presidential election, legislation, national convention, letter carrier training, public service
  • News: USPS ‘most favorable’ federal agency; overwhelming majority favor relaxing pre-funding; Board of Governors now down to just one member; letter carriers in the news media
  • Mason City, IA Branch 471 carrier (and avid runner) Brad Gentz runs races while pushing a specially outfitted wheelchair used by a patron who has spina bifida.
  • Retired NALC Executive Vice President Jim Williams, who founded the NALC Leadership Academy in 2005, performed his last official act on Dec. 11.
  • The concept of postal banking has emerged as a way to ease the financial burdens faced by the poorest Americans. Though little remembered, there was a time when the Post Office was the safest bank in the country, and the idea of postal workers running a bank is what convinced millions of Americans to do any banking at all.
  • Proud to Serve: Chicago Branch 11 member Gary Reategui; Matamoras, PA Branch 5931 member Joseph Biss; South Jersey Branch 908 member Vance Shepherd; Lima, OH Branch 105 member Scott Eversole; Tampa, FL Branch 599 member Terrell Brown; Maine Merged Branch 92 member Jeff Pellerin; Mon-Yough, PA Branch 332 member Ryan Sommer
  • Convention: Editors of branch and state association newsletters and newspapers are invited to enter NALC’s biennial competition for outstanding periodical publications.
  • Letter from the Postal Record editor: Media interconnectivity