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Selected articles from The Postal Record


  • Cover story: From Royal Mail to Postal Service. How a 16th century British king's private couriers led to our universal postal network.
  • Rolando appoints Brian Renfroe as EVP; more HQ, regional leadership shifts Appointments. Director of City Delivery Brian Renfroe—executive vice president; Region 1 National Business Agent Christopher Jackson—director of city delivery; Bryant Almario—Region 1 NBA. Region 12 RAA Dave Napadano replaces the retiring Bill Lucini as Region 12 NBA.
  • Leadership Academy: New leaders part of union-building effort. NALC Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe presided over the graduation of the 30 members of Leadership Academy Class 21 on Dec. 9.
  • Legislative news: New president, new Congress, new challenges. With the ending of the 114th Congress comes the expiration of all unpassed bills. Leadership outlook for the 115th Congress, Trump administration. Letter carriers in the news media.
  • Tips for sharing your photos on social media. The right photo can capture a special moment or tell a compelling story. Using social media tools can let others see what NALC members are doing as activists, as volunteers and as members of the communities we live in.
  • Political mailers a win for USPS’ bottom line. Ask about mailed advertisements from politicians seeking votes, and the typical mail patron will say they are annoying. But most also say mailers help them choose a candidate—and political campaign consultants know it.
  • Delivery by Uber? How the ride-sharing service’s model is changing the last mile of package delivery.
  • A letter carrier and his bike. The only letter carrier from the USPS pro cycling team looks back.
  • Proud to Serve Honoring heroic letter carriers. Royal Oak, MI Branch 3216 member Sherri Yorkey; Canton, OH Branch 238 city carrier assistant Michelle Everhart; Chicago Branch 11 member Kareem Armstead; Long Island Merged, NY Branch 6000 member Anthony Massaro Jr.; Randolph, WI Branch 6217 member Joel Wiersma; Sioux Falls, SD Branch 491 member Tommy Heuer; Buffalo-Western New York Branch 3 member Alex Dailey; Corpus Christi, TX Branch 1259 member Dennis Poer; Houston Branch 283 member Craig Hall; New Hampshire Merged Branch 44 member Tim Sullivan; Dayton, OH Branch 182 city carrier assistant Donte Cotton; Evansville, IN Branch 377 member Barrett Wright