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June 2017 Postal Record cover
  • President’s Message: A new contract and a fresh appreciation for collective bargaining
  • Tentative National Agreement is signed. Accord features upgrade, wage hikes and CCA advances. Ratification and a national rap session. NALC Ballot Committee 2017. Summary of the wage and salary provisions. City carrier assistant provisions. Further details and charts.
  • Positive early reports for 25th food drive. On Saturday, May 13, NALC members representing more than 1,400 branches worked alongside thousands of family members, friends and volunteers—not to mention their fellow employees in the other postal craft unions and in management—to pick up bags upon bags of non-perishable food left by postal customers’ mailboxes.
  • Engaging new letter carriers. Innovative ways branches are reaching out to new hires: Special CCA-only meetings; CCA e-mail networks; CCA-directed training; Video conferencing; CCA and recently converted carrier leaders; Go to them; Do something. Also: 2017 new member training.
  • USPS shows operating profit for Q2. On May 10, USPS released a report on its financial performance for the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2017 that showed an operating profit of $12 million, putting USPS in the black by $533 million at the halfway point of FY 2017. Also: Resolution support growing; In the news media; Congressional visits by New Jersey and New York activists.
  • Postal reform’s road map through Congress. To understand the process of passing laws through Congress, The Postal Record looks at the road ahead on postal reform efforts. The House’s structure; Keeping “score;” Referral; The floor; The Senate.
  • Proud to Serve: Honoring heroic letter carriers—Rapid City, SD Br. 1225’s Kene Roberts; Minneapolis Br. 9’s Shannon Peterson; Puyallup/Sumner Merged, WA Br. 1484’s Ray Griffin; West Coast Florida Br. 1477’s TyReke McGruder and Thomas Phillips; Oklahoma City Br. 458’s Reggie Sloan; Milwaukee Br. 2’s Scott Peller; Dayton, OH Br. 182’s Eric Haney; St. Louis Br. 343’s Brandy Miller; New Jersey Merged Br. 38’s Jerell Stanford; Eastern Shore, MD Br. 902’s David Phillips; Carbondale, PA Br. 163’s Frank Surace; Painesville, OH Br. 549’s George Hearst; Buffalo-Western New York Br. 3’s Kenneth Friend and Anthony Meindl; South Florida Br. 1071’s Louie Golden; Garden Grove, CA Br. 1100’s Marcela MacLean and Daniel Ochoa; Hurley, WI Br. 2285’s Scott Czerneski; Mount Pleasant, IA Br. 660’s Toi Mills; New Castle, PA Br. 22’s Ryan Artman; Little Rock, AR Br. 35’s Eugene Udell; Key West, FL Br. 818’s Jeremy Jones; Peoria, IL Br. 31’s Roger Stufflebeam; Amarillo, TX Br. 1037’s Shanalee Bernal; Galesburg, IL Br. 88’s Mark Duncan; Sacramento, CA Br. 133’s Travis Elliott; Waipahu, HI Br. 4683’s Josue Ramirez; Boulder, CO Br. 642’s Adrian Helwig; St. Paul, MN Br. 28’s Mike Ochs; Moorhead, MN Br. 1051’s David Martin; Lynn, MA Br. 7’s Dan Bean; Tampa, FL Br. 599’s Jerry Lewers and Taniqua Newkirk; Fort Collins, CO Br. 849’s Dennis Ketterling. 
  • Customer Connect. Success stories featuring Columbus Br. 78’s John Ishler; Baltimore Br. 876’s Arthur Shaw, Patrice Johnson, Carl Martin, Donna Ward, Charles Pinchback and Harold Arthur; Providence, RI Br. 15’s Kevin Evans; Brooklyn Br. 41’s Frankie Rodriguez; New York City Br. 36’s Deborah Singleton, Jesus Chu and Carrie Pizarro.
  • Doherty & Donelon Scholarships awarded. Six children of NALC members to receive funding for college. Doherty: Britt Wren (Parent: Derek Wren, Pueblo, CO Br. 229); Rashi Bhatt (Parent: Rimple Bhatt, NJ Mgd. Br. 38); Abigail McCarthy (Parent: Stephen McCarthy, Boston Br. 34); Steven Nolan (Parent: Steven Nolan, Baton Rouge Br. 129); Britney Ka-Yun Yip (Parent: Steve Yip, Pasadena, CA Br. 2200). Donelon: Rachel Hirota (Parent: David Hirota, Greater East Bay, CA Br. 1111).
  • No stopping for Parkinson’s disease. In 2007 at age 49, the Albany, NY Branch 29 member Mark Burek was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Instead of giving up, Burek made the best of the situation. 
  • The map maker. In his spare time, Binghamton, NY Branch 333 member Mark Avery makes geographic information systems maps to help organizations in a number of important ways.
  • CPR can be the difference between life and death. Letter carriers fan out into communities every day, and sometimes this puts them in the right place at the right time to save a life. One way they often save lives is by having been trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 
  • Postal Record editor: Having a conversation


May 2017 Postal Record cover
  • President’s Message: Make our democracy great again…with vote-by-mail
  • Drone delivery: Future or fad? The idea of tiny, pilotless helicopters taking letters or packages to postal customers sounds like a futuristic fantasy. But we live in a world where other previously science-fiction ideas are becoming real—think e-mail, cell phones and self-driving cars. Will drone delivery join them soon?
  • NALC activists continue lobbying efforts to support meaningful postal reform. H.Res. 28 now has a bipartisan majority of co-sponsors. Also: Trump releases budget summary; A look ahead; Overtime rule in limbo; Retirement savings threatened; In the news media; Bargaining update; Legislative and political organizers; Legislative visits.
  • Food drive helps letter carriers give back to communities. Final preparations are underway for the 25th annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive on Saturday, May 13. Also: Postcards in place; Picture perfect; CVS Health steps up.
  • The first food drives. More than 25 years ago, then-NALC President Vincent Sombrotto brought together letter carriers, the U.S. Postal Service and the AFL-CIO with the idea of putting on a nationwide food drive. To help celebrate the 25th anniversary, The Postal Record is taking a look back at how the food drive was created and evolved to be the largest single-day food drive in the world.
  • After years on registry, carrier made a match to donate marrow. Minneapolis Branch 9 letter carrier Deb Ochetti responded to an appeal in her local newspaper to help save the life of a stranger with leukemia by volunteering to donate her bone marrow. Four years later, she received a phone call: She was a match to someone else who needed a donation.
  • TSP delivers on retirement investments. Many career letter carriers prepare for retirement by participating in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). For most of us, the TSP is just another deduction from our paycheck. But what exactly is the TSP and how does it work?
  • Carrier remembers Pearl Harbor bombing. Retired Fort Smith, AR Branch 399 member Harold Mainer remembers the details of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. It’s not something the 95-year-old would forget—because he was in the middle of it.
  • Proud to Serve: Honoring heroic letter carriers. Jamaica, NY Branch 562 member John Quesnell; Milwaukee Branch 2 member Mark Lyman; Hazelwood, MO Branch 5847 member Bre Anna De Sha; Arvada, CO Branch 4405 city carrier assistant Sean Day
  • Customer Connect. Success stories featuring South Suburban Merged, IL Branch 4016 member Keith Polk; Louisville, KY Branch 14 member Duane McMullan; South Florida Branch 1071 member Alfredo Bonilla; Austin, TX Branch 181 member Kristina Coll; Houston Branch 283 member JoAnn Brown; Beaumont, TX Branch 842 member Robin Hudson
  • Postal Record editor. Getting to the granular: the words


April 2017 Postal Record cover
  • President’s Message: 24 million reasons to reverse course
  • Postal reform bills voted on by committee: Oversight Committee approves H.R. 756. Also: WEP, GPO repeal bill reintroduced; Federal employee activity heats up on Capitol Hill; In the news media; Legislative visits.
  • Labor unions regain popularity: Also: Former NALC Dir. of Life Insurance O’Connor has died; NALC standing committees members
  • Counting down to Food Drive No. 25: Food drive coordinators in hundreds of NALC branches across America are finalizing their preparations for the nation’s largest one-day food collection event. Also: New food drive website; Using USPS to deliver a ‘First Class Meal’?
  • Going the extra mile for MDA: Stories featuring Springfield, IL Branch 80; Downers Grove, IL Branch 1870’s Cesar Medina; Hagerstown, MD Branch 443; Pasadena, CA Branch 2200; Naples, FL Branch 4716; Northeastern New York Branch 358. Also: MDA Honor Roll.
  • April a reminder to focus on workers’ physical and emotional safety: April is Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Awareness Month; April 28 is Workers Memorial Day. NALC's Dignity and Respect book; EAP Life Coaching
  • With a song in their hearts: Some letter carriers have musical talent, and sometimes it takes them places when they aren’t on their routes: Las Vegas Branch 2502 member Otis Hembre; South Florida Branch 1071 member Stephanie Bostic; Cherry Hill/Haddonfield, NJ Branch 769 member Doug Dash.
  • Customer Connect adds up for USPS: Success stories featuring Honolulu Branch 860 member Patrick Walter; Spokane, WA Branch 442 members Paul Bair and Steve Thrift; Denver Branch 47 member Mary Biles; St. Louis Branch 343 members Steven Powers, John Bonzo and Charley Key; Wichita, KS Branch 201 member Gordon Kirkhart.
  • Proud to Serve: Honoring heroic letter carriers—Connecticut Merged Branch 20 member Clinton Parker; Western Massachusetts Branch 46 member Rick Ridenour; Pittsburgh Branch 84 member John Zeis; Boston Branch 34 member Dan Maguire; Cedar Rapids, IA Branch 373 member Cyler Stewart; Oshkosh, WI Branch 173 member Eric Momsen; Buffalo-Western New York Branch 3 member Cynthia Perkins; Agana, GU Branch 4093 member Paul Carbullido; Maine Merged Branch 92 member Vernon Moore; Maine Merged Branch 92 member Jon Olauson; Lincoln, NE Branch 8 member Zach Paremske; Rochester, NY Branch 210 member Andrew King; Newport, RI Branch 57 member Odie Penn; Eden, NC Branch 3712 member Blake Cooper; Hot Springs National Park, AR Branch 543 member Sandra Emerson; McCook, NE Branch 1278 member Tyler Bruggeman; Johnstown, PA Branch 451 member Matthew Lamb; Flushing, NY Branch 294 member Huan Boi Zhu.
  • Postal Record editor: On writing


March 2017 Postal Record cover
  • President’s Message: A changed political landscape requires a new strategy
  • NALC adapts legislative strategy to fit changing political landscape: NALC President Rolando testifies before a House committee hearing on postal legislation; The essential elements of H.R. 756; The long road ahead; Election and holiday mail profits; USPS again among most trusted for privacy; No USPS hiring freeze; In the news media.
  • NALC’s legislative and political network: NALC has spent years refining its legislative and political network to create an effective system to develop and maintain relationships with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.
  • Get the NALC app for bargaining, other news: When contract news breaks, it’ll be announced first on the NALC Member App through push notification. Also: NALC Executive Council meets in Washington.
  • Making a difference, one bag at a time: The 25th annual Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive is on Saturday, May 13; Registration = postcards + bags; Buy food drive swag, postage online; Olmos is back. Also, using the NALC ‘Members Only’ portal.
  • Love on the run: South Suburban Merged, IL Branch 4016 member Jamie Parks is celebrating 25 years—and 25,000 miles—of competitive running with his wife, Lynn. And for every one of those miles, he pushed Lynn in a wheelchair.
  • Filmmakers set out to tell letter carriers’ stories: A group of international artists based in Los Angeles is putting together a collection of letter carriers’ stories and hopes to create a library of videos and podcasts.
  • Remembering the Great Postal Strike: This year, as Congress once again considers the future of the Postal Service, letter carriers are looking back to the Great Postal Strike of 47 years ago for inspiration.
  • Proud to Serve—Honoring heroic letter carriers: New York Branch 358 member John Richichi; Rochester, NY Branch 210 member James Bigham; Atlanta Branch 73 members Zipporah and Chadwick Green; Winston-Salem, NC Branch 461 member Pierce Hodges; Philadelphia Branch 157 member Gary Booz; South Suburban Merged, IL Branch 4016 member Grace Pott; Lynn, MA Branch 7 member David Crowley; Fayetteville, NC Branch 1128 member Sharon Bennett; Wilkes-Barre, PA Branch 115 member Robert Snee; Dallas Branch 132 member Devante Lacy; Sioux City, IA Branch 69 member Jeff Hawkinson; Akron, OH Branch 148 member Laura Kish; Cincinnati Branch 43 member Martin Mitchener; Mt. Pleasant, IA Branch 660 member Betty Lutz; Grand Rapids, MI Branch 56 member Rebecca Phillips; Casper, WY Branch 1681 member Annie Humphrey; Hayward, CA Branch 1707 member Eric Brooks
  • Postal Record editor: Theory and practice


February 2017 Postal Record cover
  • Cover story: Letter Carrier Political Fund—Why I give. There are many different reasons for supporting the Letter Carrier Political Fund, because letter carriers are a diverse group—a cross-section of America. But we all come together to speak with one voice. That’s what a union is all about.
    • LCPF: Each donation matters. Donors to the Letter Carrier Political Fund in 2016, sorted by state and branch. Each state is shown with the percentage of NALC members from that state who donated and the average donation of those carriers who gave, followed by each branch with the same information and each individual donor with the total amount recorded as given last year.
    • LCPF forms. Forms for signing up to give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund: Online enrollment through PostalEASE; PostalEASE enroll by phone; Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT); directly from an annuity
  • Joint Statement on Violence turns 25. It’s been a quarter century since the NALC, other postal unions and the U.S. Postal Service joined, with one voice, to confront the issue of violence in the workplace.
  • While PRC kicks off postal rate review, Board of Governors loses last governor. The Postal Regulatory Commission has begun its review of the way the USPS sets its prices for postage and postal products. Meanwhile, the nine-member board has been left entirely vacant following the end of the term of the last remaining appointee. Also: Letter carriers in the news media.
  • Food Drive around the corner. This year marks a significant food drive milestone: its 25th anniversary. Also, Family Circus art for the food drive revealed.
  • Proud to Serve. Honoring heroic letter carriers: Grand Rapids, MI Branch 56 members Evelyn Woodward and Roy Deleon; Buffalo-Western NY Branch 3 member James Burkhardt; Long Island Merged, NY Branch 6000 member Gary Sulz; Peoria, IL Branch 31 member Mary Wilkins; San Diego Branch 70 members Greg Wilder and Joe Meyers; Sacramento, CA Branch 133 member Rebeckah Gold; Hopkins, MN Branch 2942 member Brian Halbakken; Worcester, MA Branch 12 members Brian Cole and Matthew Demma; Charlotte, NC Branch 545 member Alex Pachter; Corpus Christi, TX Branch 1259 members German Osorio, Corisa Ruiz and Kenneth Grigsby; Marshfield, WI Branch 978 member Sara Hauck; Naples, FL Branch 4716 member Joey Featherston; South Suburban Merged, IL Branch 4016 member Kathyleen Sinwelski; Alexandria, VA Branch 567 member Dwayne Martin.
  • NALC Headquarters hires two; 2015 MDA bronze-level branches; COLA news. NALC hires two new employees at Headquarters in Washington; Corrected list of 2015 MDA bronze-level branches; cost-of-living adjustment news.
  • Financial statements. Semi-annual financial statements for NALC, Nalcrest.
  • Letter from the editor of The Postal Record: Our approach.


  • Cover story: From Royal Mail to Postal Service. How a 16th century British king's private couriers led to our universal postal network.
  • Rolando appoints Brian Renfroe as EVP; more HQ, regional leadership shifts. Director of City Delivery Brian Renfroe—executive vice president; Region 1 National Business Agent Christopher Jackson—director of city delivery; Bryant Almario—Region 1 NBA. Region 12 RAA Dave Napadano replaces the retiring Bill Lucini as Region 12 NBA.
  • Leadership Academy: New leaders part of union-building effort. NALC Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe presided over the graduation of the 30 members of Leadership Academy Class 21 on Dec. 9.
  • Legislative news: New president, new Congress, new challenges. With the ending of the 114th Congress comes the expiration of all unpassed bills. Leadership outlook for the 115th Congress, Trump administration. Letter carriers in the news media.
  • Tips for sharing your photos on social media. The right photo can capture a special moment or tell a compelling story. Using social media tools can let others see what NALC members are doing as activists, as volunteers and as members of the communities we live in.
  • Political mailers a win for USPS’ bottom line. Ask about mailed advertisements from politicians seeking votes, and the typical mail patron will say they are annoying. But most also say mailers help them choose a candidate—and political campaign consultants know it.
  • Delivery by Uber? How the ride-sharing service’s model is changing the last mile of package delivery.
  • A letter carrier and his bike. The only letter carrier from the USPS pro cycling team looks back.
  • Proud to Serve Honoring heroic letter carriers. Royal Oak, MI Branch 3216 member Sherri Yorkey; Canton, OH Branch 238 city carrier assistant Michelle Everhart; Chicago Branch 11 member Kareem Armstead; Long Island Merged, NY Branch 6000 member Anthony Massaro Jr.; Randolph, WI Branch 6217 member Joel Wiersma; Sioux Falls, SD Branch 491 member Tommy Heuer; Buffalo-Western New York Branch 3 member Alex Dailey; Corpus Christi, TX Branch 1259 member Dennis Poer; Houston Branch 283 member Craig Hall; New Hampshire Merged Branch 44 member Tim Sullivan; Dayton, OH Branch 182 city carrier assistant Donte Cotton; Evansville, IN Branch 377 member Barrett Wright