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Carrying the mail: A career in public service

What is a city letter carrier?

The Letter Carrier's GuideA city letter carrier is a worker employed by the United States Postal Service (USPS), a U.S. government agency. A letter carrier is thus a government worker, serving the public directly, and enjoying the recognition, appreciation and trust of the citizens whose mail they carry.

Letter carriers are representatives of the federal government—for many Americans, the face of their letter carrier is the face of government. Unlike many other government employees, the letter carrier’s job brings them into personal contact daily with members of the community. How the carrier acts helps determine how citizens view the Postal Service.

Free communication—the freedom to easily exchange ideas and information—is a central foundation of our democracy. Every day, the mail links individuals and organizations throughout the country, binding our large and diverse nation together. Letter carriers fulfill a crucial function by safely and efficiently moving that mail.

NALC has published The Letter Carrier’s Guide, which contains a wealth of information about the city letter carrier job and how to apply.