Community service

Carrier Alert Guidelines

Carrier Alert grew out of different initiatives that existed in several cities during the early 1980s. An identification sticker was placed in the mailbox to identify those individuals who lived alone as seniors or were handicapped living alone. These programs provided these patrons with a pledge that their letter carrier would monitor any collection of their delivered mail and report any backlog of mail to a contact person. 

The patron would agree that they would daily remove any delivered mail and not allow any accumulation of mail to occur in their mailbox. If mail did collect, the Postal Service would notify the appropriate support agency of the backlog and this agency would attempt to contact the patron to ascertain either that they were okay or that they needed assistance. If contact was not possible, then one of the social service agencies involved in the program would visit the home to check on their well-being.

This program is a very much needed opportunity for those senior or handicapped “live alone” individuals to feel secure in their homes.

Below you'll find objectives, principles and ground rules that will assist you in the implementation should your branch decide to join in this venture.  Click here to read the NALC/USPS agreement on this program.



Ground rules