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Where are my postcards?!

Food Drive postcards were set to ship from the printer—national Food Drive partner Valpak—in Jacksonville, FL, beginning Monday, March 27. They continued to leave Jacksonville through Friday, April 7.

The earlier your branch registered, the earlier your postcards were shipped. The first orders were bound for the west coast, with central U.S. and east coast destinations following not far behind.

 Everyone should have received their postcards no later than Wednesday, April 12. 

Branch Food Drive representatives should connect with the mailhandlers and clerks from the facility of the destination address to find get details on the postcards. Also, communicate with your (national Food Drive partner) U.S. Postal Service managers/postmasters to get their assistance in checking upstream to see whether the postcards have made it to your hub or national distribution center (NDC). Click here to download the postcards page from the 2017 Food Drive Coordinator’s Manual.

Here’s an idea of what you should be looking for to help you locate your shipment:

If you are having difficulty locating your postcards, work with your regional Food Drive representative to get help. Click here to access a list of regional Food Drive reps.

Locate your postcards—put eyeballs on every pallet/tray you ordered.

Redistribute your postcards to all the offices in your branch’s jurisdiction.

Label your postcards not to be delivered until the selected date that you’ve set for delivery.

Communicate your plan for delivery of the postcards with all letter carriers, managers and employees in other crafts (when appropriate).