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House and Senate calendars released; start planning district visits

The House and Senate released calendars for the first session of the 118th Congress. NALC encourages all letter carriers to familiarize themselves with the schedules and to know when their representative and senators plan to be in their districts and states.

District and state work periods frequently occur around holidays, including the entire month of August. NALC members can use the schedule below to help plan district visits, which are one of the best ways to get to know your member of Congress, educate them on letter carrier issues, and work to gain their support.

Below are the scheduled dates for House and Senate district and state work periods. 




New Year's Day

Jan. 2

Jan. 2

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 13-23

Jan. 4-20

President’s Day

Feb. 10-24

Feb. 20-24


March 2-6



March 13-21

March 10-13



March 17-20


March 31-April 14

April 3-14


May 1-May 8

May 5-8

Memorial Day

May 26-June 2

May 22-29


June 16-19

June 19

Independence Day

June 26-July 10

June 26-July 7



July 17


July 21-24

July 24

August recess/Labor Day

July 31-Sept. 11

July 31-Sept. 4



Sept. 15


Sept. 22-25

Sept. 25

Columbus Day

Oct. 2-Oct.16

Oct. 9-13


Oct. 27-Nov. 3


Veterans Day

Nov. 10

Nov. 10


Nov. 17-Nov. 27

Nov. 20-24


Dec. 15-29

Dec. 18-29

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