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NALC statement regarding 'Fast Track' passage in the House

NALC President Fredric Rolando's statement regarding 'Fast Track" passage in the House:

Today, the House of Representatives showed that it continues to prioritize a ‘passage at all costs’ approach to a seriously flawed Trade Promotion Authority bill—better known as Fast Track. In the House’s quest to advance this doomed trade package, it is neglecting serious priorities. The House’s failure last week to advance the full package should be a clear signal to lawmakers that they must find a way to do better for workers. Unfortunately, this message has fallen on deaf ears and, instead of moving on to matters of importance to Americans, Congress is choosing this appalling pursuit of a deeply flawed Fast Track bill that undermines workers and the United States Postal Service.

The NALC remains committed to working with Congress to advance a trade package that promotes and protects a strong and vibrant Postal Service, protecting letter carriers in the process. No matter how you analyze this latest trade package, it entirely fails on all counts. It should therefore be rejected by the House and Senate.

Click here for NALC's analysis of the vote and of what happens next.

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