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NALC urges House and Senate to include increased NLRB funding in end-of-year spending package

NALC is encouraging the House and Senate to include increased funding for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the end-of-year appropriations package.

The NLRB has not received a funding increase since 2014. When factoring in inflation, this amounts to a 25 percent decrease in appropriations for the agency. Without an increase in funding this year, the NLRB has warned of furloughs and delays in its daily operations.

While the NLRB plays an important role in organizing, the agency also provides critical support for existing unions. NALC members, and all unionized workers, rely on the NLRB to oversee their elections and protect their rights as workers.

The NLRB benefits both employees and employers, and the agency needs increased funding to fulfill its missions and duties. NALC urges the House and Senate to include this necessary increase in funding for the NLRB in the omnibus package. 

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