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Postal Vehicle Modernization Act Reintroduced in House

The Postal Vehicle Modernization Act (H.R. 1636), which calls on Congress to authorize funding for new electric or zero-emission vehicles for the United States Postal Service fleet, has been reintroduced in the 117th Congress.

The bill was introduced by Jared Huffman (D-CA) along with 18 other original Democrat cosponsors. The legislation mirrors a previous bill introduced by Rep. Huffman in the 116th Congress, which failed to receive a vote.

The legislation would authorize $6 billion in funding for the Postal Service’s new fleet. The legislation would require 75 percent of the new fleet to be electric and that by 2029, no less than 50 percent of purchases be electric and would prevent the Postal Service from purchasing non-electric vehicles after January 1, 2040. H.R. 1636 would also require compliance with Buy America, which would require American manufacturing. As it relates to charging stations, the bill would require charging stations where vehicles are housed and mandate at least one charging station at each postal facility that could be used by the public.

“By investing in modern, efficient vehicles we can transform the USPS into a global leader in efficiency and innovation, helping revitalize the beleaguered Postal Service and saving taxpayers billions of dollars each year,” said Rep. Huffman upon introduction. “With this funding, there is no valid reason not to move forward with completely electrifying the USPS vehicle fleet.” Prior to H.R. 1636 being introduced, the Postal Service announced its contract award with Oshkosh Defense to replace its vehicle fleet (click here to read more). The issue of Postal Vehicle replacement has also been discussed in relief and infrastructure efforts during this Congress. Like previous Congresses, the Postal Vehicle Modernization Act is not likely to move through Congress. NALC will continue to monitor this and any other similar legislation.

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