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Union Plus

The AFL-CIO created Union Privilege in 1986 to provide union members and their families with valuable consumer benefits. Union Plus® benefits, offered by Union Privilege, serve the interests of today's working families. With Union Plus benefits, your union membership “pays,” at work and at home.

Union Plus awards scholarships to two NALC members’ children

Two children of NALC members have won scholarships from the AFL-CIO-sponsored Union Plus program. Click here to learn more.

Benefits for NALC members and family members

NALC members and their families can take advantage of money-saving Union Plus benefits.

Click here for a flier that lists Union Plus programs plus phone numbers for specific programs and needs.

NALC members and their families are eligible for discounts on a wide variety of products and services! Check out “Links to specific offers” (below) to learn more about these Union Plus benefits.

Not only NALC members, but also their immediate family members—including parents, spouses, children and dependents—can take advantage of these discounts.

The Union Plus Health Savings program is also open to the member’s extended family, including aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Union Plus credit cards

Several Union Plus credit cards are available for union members and their families to apply for:

  • The Cash Rewards Credit Card earns unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase. It’s great for those who want rewards every time they make a purchase. It also comes with a low intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months. (Designed for members with excellent credit.)
  • The Rate Advantage Credit Card offers a low intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months, with competitive rates thereafter. (Designed for members with excellent credit.)

After just three months, eligible cardholders also have access to exclusive assistance grants*. Grants include:

  • Job Loss Grant of $300 aids eligible cardholders who have recently been laid off.
  • Disability Grant of $1,600 to $2,700 helps eligible cardholders who have lost significant income due to a long-term illness or disability.
  • Hospital Grant of $1,200 aids eligible cardholders with large, unreimbursed hospital expenses.

All approved grants are paid to the cardholder by check—and they never have to be paid back.

All of these cards continue to offer benefits such as U.S.-based customer service and $0 Fraud Liability** protection if the card is lost or stolen.

Click here to learn more about Union Plus credit cards.

Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. The Union Plus Credit Cards are issued by Capital One, N.A. pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

* Certain restrictions, limitations and qualifications apply to these grants. Additional information and eligibility criteria can be obtained at

**Unauthorized use or $0 Fraud Liability claims are subject to verification and investigation.

Assistance for Union Plus participants affected by natural disasters

NALC members who live in areas affected by severe storms, tornadoes, floods and wildfires, and who participate in Union Plus programs, may be eligible for financial assistance.

Union Plus Disaster Relief Grants of $500 are available to help participants in the Union Plus credit card, insurance or mortgage programs who face financial hardship due to the recent natural disasters. The money does not have to be repaid.

To qualify for a Union Plus disaster relief grant, the NALC member must:

  1. Have been a victim of a FEMA-declared natural disaster or emergency in counties designated as qualifying for FEMA individual assistance. Click here for an updated list of qualifying counties.
  2. Have experienced a significant loss of income or property within the last six months due to that disaster.
  3. Have had a Union Plus credit card, Union Plus insurance policy or Union Plus mortgage for at least 12 months, with the account or policy in good standing (up-to-date on payments).
  4. Provide acceptable proof of property or income loss.

To apply for a disaster relief grant, NALC members who participate in any of the following programs can call:

  • Union Plus credit card: 877-761-5028
  • Union Plus mortgage: 800-472-2005
  • Union Plus insurance: 800-472-2005

Click here for more information about Union Plus disaster benefits.

Union Plus Hardship Help

Union Plus Hardship Help is a $1 million initiative to meet the urgent needs of members facing economic hardship. Most of the new benefits are geared to qualified members who participate in a Union Plus program (credit card, mortgage, insurance). New benefits include:

  • Hospital Care Grants of $1,000 to $1,200 for members hit with large, unreimbursed hospital expenses (for Union Plus Credit Card, Mortgage or Union Plus Insurance participants)
  • Job Loss Grants of $300 for Union Plus Credit Card holders who have been recently laid off for more than 90 days
  • Mortgage Strike Assistance will now cover 6 full months of mortgage principal and interest payments for Union Plus Mortgage holders after 30 days on strike
  • Waiver of $75 debt management plan enrollment fee, reimbursement of monthly DMP fees after a year in plan (about $350) and waiver of $50 bankruptcy counseling filing fee through Union Plus Credit Counseling

The best and quickest way for a member to apply for assistance, or to find out more about this program is online at

Click here to download the flier.

Links to specific offers

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