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NALC Member App

Available now in the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store for Android

As technology increases our ability to communicate, NALC must stay ahead of the curve. From websites to email to social media, this union has continually developed the tools to put the most up-to-date information and resources into the hands of our stewards and members. We’ve now taken the next step with the NALC Member App for iPhone and Android smartphones. The app was developed at headquarters with the needs of the average member in mind.

The app contains links to workplace resources, including the National Agreement, the JCAM, the MRS, CCA resources and more. It also includes legislative tools, such as a bill tracker, an individualized list of your congressional representatives and PAC information. And one of the coolest features: an Interactive Non-Scheduled Days calendar.

When you install the app, it’ll ask you for your home ZIP Code, so it can give you the correct legislative information. You then sign up for notifications based on your interests.

We know that every member is unique and how you interact with the union is just as unique. Some members are involved in enforcing the contract. Some are involved in the legislative and political process. Some solely participate in the food drive. Whatever your interests, click them here and when there is news about these interests, we’ll send personalized push notifications to your device.

The home screen is where you’ll see the latest news and social media posts from facebook and twitter. Read them, like them, share them, retweet them. This is your social media.

From there, click on the news tab, to see all the latest news items from

For those interested in the union’s legislative and political agenda, the government affairs section has tools for you. From “my congressional directory,” you can see if your House member and senators have sponsored postal-friendly legislation or if they’re on a committee important to the fight for postal reform. From the bill tracker, you can read NALC’s stance on bills in Congress, how many cosponsors they have and more. We’ve also put buttons for fact sheets and legislative information, so you can know everything there is to know about these bills before speaking to your members of Congress. And of course, we’ve made it easy for you to let us know you’d like to sign up for the Letter Carrier Political Fund.

We’ve also made it easy to access workplace resources, by clicking on that tab. From here you can open the National Agreement, the JCAM, the MRS, the M-39, the M-41, the ELM, the CCA Resource Guide, COLA and paycharts and so much more.

There’s also a tab for member benefits. Learn about the Health Benefit Plan or the Mutual Benefit Association, find resources for new CCAs, contribute to the Postal Employees Relief Fund, join the Veterans Group and more.

Click the menu and you can find all sorts of other resources, from social media, to how to get in touch with your NBA’s office. But one resource that is sure to be a favorite of carriers is the calendar.

Most rotating calendars don’t take into account holidays or they only give you one-year’s worth of NSD dates. This app resolves all of that. Whether you have a rotating or fixed schedule, you can see your nonscheduled days for years in advance, if you want. And when your NSD lands on a holiday, the app shifts the holiday designation to the correct day, meaning you’ll know exactly how many days you have unscheduled. The calendar is also linked to the NALC Google calendar, so you’ll see important dates marked in red.

The app is free and available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Just search for NALC Member App.

NALC is committed to using this technology to help letter carriers.

Download these instructions as a PDF

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If you do not have a smartphone or if you would prefer to receive legislative updates by e-mail, please call NALC Mobilization Director Ed Morgan at 202-662-2833.