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2018 NALC Guide to Route Inspections

The 2018 NALC Guide to Route Inspections has been printed and is being shipped to each NALC Branch and the 15 National Business Agents’ offices (you can download it here). The guide is an updated version of the 2012 guide. It is a complete explanation of the route inspection process and was created to assist shop stewards and branch officers in identifying contractual violations that take place during management’s unilateral six-day route counts and inspections/adjustments, and with filing successful grievances on those violations.

The guide will take you through the inspection process in chronological order and provide an easy reference to various provisions and related national settlements that govern route inspections.

The guide also contains detailed descriptions of the forms used during the inspection/adjustment process as well as reports generated by the Carrier Optimal Routing (COR) program that is often used when territorial adjustments are made.

The pocket handbook that was created to be used by letter carriers as a quick and convenient reference during the week of route count and inspection is currently being updated for 2018. Once completed it will be available to NALC members through each NBA office and the NALC Supply Department. The NALC webpage and member APP will notify you when the pocket handbook is complete.

For more information about these NALC publications, ask your branch officers or national business agent’s office.