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AFL-CIO endorses BCTGM boycott of Mondelez International snack foods made in Mexico

The AFL-CIO has endorsed the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union (BCTGM) boycott of the snack food items of Mondelez International that are made in Mexico.

The boycott is being conducted because Mondelez is shifting work from U.S. production facilities, most recently in Chicago, IL, to a facility in Salinas Victoria, Mexico.

Shortly after the Salinas Victoria facility went online in 2015, Mondelez approached BCTGM Local 300 (Chicago) seeking $46 million in annual concessions to secure an investment of $130 million into the Chicago plant. The concessions would have meant an approximately 60 percent reduction in pay and benefits for the 1,000 workers in Chicago, tearing down 50 years of negotiated gains. The members refused.

In July 2015, Mondelez announced it would be investing the $130 million in the Salinas Victoria plant to construct several more lines. It also announced that it would eliminate 600 jobs at its plant in Chicago as it transferred production to Salinas Victoria.

The BCTGM’s “check the label” campaign is designed to educate the public about Mondelez transfer of jobs to Mexico and to urge consumers to not buy Mondelez/Nabisco snack food products that are made in Mexico.

It is very important to emphasize that the BCTGM is only asking the public to avoid Mondelez/Nabisco brand products that are “Made in Mexico.” This includes:

Nabisco snacks are still produced at Nabisco bakeries in the United States. Check the label to be sure the Nabisco products you buy are not being produced in Mexico.

The latest boycott information can be found on AFL-CIO’s website and the Union Label and Service Trades website.