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Bipartisan poll demonstrates overwhelming support of direct funding to USPS

Today, North Star Opinion Research and Hart Research Associates, two leading Republican and Democratic public opinion firms, released the findings of a national poll (viewable here) regarding the importance of the continued operation and funding of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) during this pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the results of the poll show overwhelming bipartisan support for USPS with 94 percent of all registered voters polled saying mail and package service is important during this time. In addition, 95 percent registered voters polled said official government recommendations, supplies, medications, and test kits related to COVID-19 are important to them.

While those results are no surprise given the Postal Service’s popularity, when respondents were asked whether they would favor or oppose appropriating funds for the Postal Service to maintain operations through the coronavirus crisis in the next round of financial relief legislation, 92 percent of voters said they would favor this move. Only 30 percent of voters favored increasing the Postal Service’s additional borrowing authority instead of direct funding, leading to increased debt for the agency and more problems for Congress to consider.

“As letter carriers know, the conversation about Postal Service finances is nothing new,” said NALC President Fredric Rolando. “Unfortunately, this pandemic continues to cripple the economy resulting in sharp declines in revenue for the Postal Service, which is expected to run out of money in September if Congress and the White House fail to intervene. Thankfully, voters not only understand the peril, but also believe we must fund the agency. NALC stands ready to work with Congress and the White House to stabilize the agency in the next stimulus package so the Postal Service can continue to serve the needs of 160 million households every day.”

To support our continued efforts, letter carriers should continue contacting their members of Congress to urge support for funding in the next stimulus package. Let Congress know that the Postal Service doesn’t need more debt and that we now have overwhelming voter support for funding. Click here to take action.