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Branch bi-weekly dues rosters

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NALC membership department has been unable to mail out the bi-weekly dues rosters since PP 6 of 2020. In order to still provide this information to branch officers, the bi-weekly dues roster information is now available only to branch presidents, branch secretaries and branch treasurers through the Member’s Only portal. The portal now contains information from 2020 through PP 7, which is the most current information. The portal will be updated with additional bi-weekly dues rosters going forward.

Branch presidents, branch secretaries and branch treasurers will see a button on their Member’s Only page for “Biweekly Dues Roster.”

Once the NALC membership department is able to, the bi-weekly dues rosters from PP 6 forward will also be mailed out to the branches.

NALC headquarters is also currently working to be able to provide state officers their dues information and branches their retiree dues information through the Members Only portal.