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Combined Federal Campaign Special Solicitation period

On Monday, April 18, 2022, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced a special solicitation period as part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC Special Solicitation opened on April 18 and will run through June 30.

This special solicitation is being conducted to give federal employees, including Postal Service employees, the opportunity to support charities serving the humanitarian and refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. During the CFC Special Solicitation, employees may donate using the CFC Giving Mobile App or through the CFC Online Giving System. Pledges may be made through payroll deduction, a bank account, or via credit card. Employees who previously donated to a charity during the regular CFC campaign using payroll deduction may not increase the deduction during the special solicitation, so a new deduction would need to be set up. Employees should keep in mind the current number of payroll deductions is limited to three. Those who have reached this limit may want to consider using one of the other methods to make a donation. Employees may also volunteer their time in lieu of a cash donation. More information regarding the CFC and the special solicitation is available online at