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Demand that the Labor Department fully implement the overtime pay rule

No one likes to have anything taken from them, especially when it is something that benefits you and your loved ones.

But that’s what lobbyists in Washington, DC, are attempting to do to millions of working families who finally became eligible to earn overtime pay just last year.

President Donald Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, thinks the overtime rule is too generous to workers, and Acosta now has taken the first step to revise the rule—with an eye toward denying working people pay raises.

For years, working people pushed then-President Barack Obama to restore overtime protections that had been eroded over recent decades. The Obama overtime pay rule would have made 4.9 million more working people eligible for overtime pay, and it would have made it tougher for employers to deny overtime pay to another 7.6 million workers who already were eligible.

The overtime rule was issued after many conversations with interested individuals and nearly 300,000 comments—largely in favor of the rule—from the public. Working people should not have to wait any longer for the pay they deserve.

The AFL-CIO is joining with some of its coalition partners to help strengthen workers’ right to be paid fairly. Taking action now is a great way to make sure you have a seat at the table for this conversation.

Click here to leave a comment now for the Department of Labor and demand that it fully implement the overtime pay rule for millions of working people.