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Election committee appointed

In accordance with Article 6, Section 7 of the NALC Constitution, on August 11, NALC President Fredric Rolando appointed a National Election Committee to oversee the conduct of the 2022 election of national officers.

The members of the National Election Committee are Christa Abraham, Minneapolis, MN Br. 9; Eric Lomax, Jamaica, NY Br. 562; Rod Holub, Manhattan, KS Br. 1018; Delano Wilson, Silver Spring, MD Br. 2611; Antonia Shields, Birmingham, AL Br. 530; Paul Roznowski, Royal Oak, MI Br. 3126; Ethel Ford, Houston, TX Br. 283; Tom Dlugolenski, Syracuse, NY Br. 134; Jeannette Triana, South Florida Br. 1071; Brian Wiggins, Seattle, WA Br. 79; and Andy Weiner, Jamaica, NY Br. 562.

Paul Roznowski was elected by the committee to be chairperson. Candidates may contact Roznowski at 

Further information will be mailed to the candidates. If they wish to receive information electronically, they may contact Roznowski at his email address.